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Strange reactions. watch

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    I have been suffering from depression for six months now and i haven't told anybody at work, thankfully nobody at work seems to have noticed either, i am very good at hiding these things. but one day on my break i happened to overhear a converstion that i wasn't meant to be listening to, in which my colleague (incidently someone who i really like and get on really well with) mentioned another colleague who 'apparently has depression'. The way he mentioned this and the way the other colleagues who he was talking to reacted it was as if they all believed that depression is just an excuse and not something that can cause real problems as i obviously know it can, now i didn't feel i could say anything or protest at this point because as i said i wasn't supposed to be listening but i got really worked up, my heart started pounding and my breathing sped up and i had to go outside until i calmed down. Now what this colleague said has really upset me, and before, i had thought of him as the one i could've have been able to tell, had i felt the need to tell anyone. Does anyone know why i reacted like this and how i can stop myself from having such severe reactions should i be put in this position again?

    My guess is that you took it personally because of your own experience of depression. Try to remember it was just gossiping- depression is an illness. To that effect, see your GP.

    It sounds like you were just feeling panicy and anxious, it can affect you physically in really horrible ways.

    I know its hard but you need to realise that some people really do not understand depression, or have any sympathy towards it. I've suffered with it on and off for years, and it was very difficult for me watching my friends believe I was making up excuses for things that were happening to me.
    You know you are genuinely mentally unwell and you need to remind yourself of that when people talk like this. Whose word do you believe a doctors or theirs? The proffessional opinion is right at the end of the day, and they just look ignorant.
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