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    Well, went for a routine checkup today. Last time I went, I was clean. In the period, I have had only one sexual partner - it was a ONS, and we used a condom for sex, and she gave me head without a condom. There might have been a little genital to genital contact before the condom was put on, but nothing was put in etc...

    Fast forward 6 months - I go in for my next checkup, i.e. today. I have had no symptoms of any STD - one gets the occasional ache when taking a piss especially after cuming or in the morning after wood, but no sharp pain and discharge and burning associated with any STD.

    My test, the swab indicates there is some inflammation. Some was the word used by the doc - following a microscope examination. Now, that raises an issue - oh ****, do I have something? She suggested it is possible I have chlamydia, but I have had no symptoms in the past 6 months. She gave me the antibiotics and I took them, so hopefully I will be clear. The results will come in 2 weeks so I am going to be sitting on the edge of my seat till then anyway.

    So my questions - anyone been in a similar position and actually had chlamydia without symptoms and only discovered through a similar method? What do they check for under the microscope? I have an alternate theory. Anyone who is familiar with the concept of manual penis enlargement (whether it works or doesnt, another issue), might have heard of jelqing - its when you squeeze your shaft from the bottom to the top to draw more blood into the penis to make your chambers expand - hopefully permanently. The effect on the penis is like intense masturbation - it feels sore for a while. Well, I tried it out stupidly for the first time yesterday night to see what it was like. Felt pretty good but I was rather sore, felt like I had whacked off for an hour or something.

    Could this have caused a slight inflammation overnight? Or is the inflammation always caused by a bacteria/virus when viewed under the microscope?

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    Anyone, help?

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Anyone, help?
    Hope this helps you.
    In short it could be the masturbation or it could be something this girl has given you, or maybe you had the clap before her.

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