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hi... i need some advice

hi guys i need some advice here. i am egyptian and english is my second language so please mind my english mistakes.

I have lived my whole life in the UAE (Dubai) and everything was going well untill my parents got divorced, i could not believe what was happening and i was devastated so i told my mum that i want to continue my education in egypt and i went there in my nineth grade. it was the first time i live in egypt my own country! i was very excited and very happy.

i went to egypt in 2006 and did my GCSE's over there but egypt turned out to be a nightmare for me. i was starting to get bullied for the first time in my life and this made my life a living hell. i hated school and i didnt study for GCSE and i was getting bullied in school everyday. so i did pretty bad in my GCSE's and got 3 C's and 1 B.

I went back in the summer vacation to Dubai and i told my mum i hate egypt and i dont want to go back there again. i want to stay here in dubai with u and my best friends, but my mum told me that i should go back to egypt to finish another year in egypt and then come back because if i wanted to start school in dubai they would fail me 1 year because i need to do my GCSE's in one country or something ( it was complicated but i had to go back to egypt for another year).

i went back to egypt and made another 4 Olevels and i failed them completely.... my life started to fall apart and i was addicted to an online game called maplestory and i am still addicted . i played this game because it was my only friend in egypt and life there was horrible.

i went back to dubai and my mom told me that i need to concentrate on my last year in GCSE and i had to take both O levels and AS levels. i suffered depression in dubai i dont know why but i wasnt studying at all and i was still playing maplestory.

after the third year which i failed. My mom was furious and so were my brothers and i really hated myself and my mom told me that i need a fresh new start in school and i went to New Zealand and right now i am in Auckland. i am in Ncea level 2 form 6 currently and i have been here since february (almost 6 months). i found school very complicated, the system is very complicating but the subjects were easy. i tried to meet some new friends here but i just seem not to fit in. this is a new country, new people, different lifestyle and i am depressed.

Right now i am very scared of failing this year although we are only in mid year but i am very scared. i am suffering of an addition in online gaming and i dont have any close friends here in school and this is why i am playing. i am not studying and my life i falling apart again.

ps: someone in the school who i was trying to be friends came up to me and told me " Listen man, i dont mean to be rude or anything but dont try to fit in with us because u never will and u r different so just leave." he told me this in front of like 10 people, i couldnt belive this was happening and right now i hate my life .

please give me some advice on how i adjust my life and i dont care about people here in new zealand but i need to focus on school work but its just too hard when i am all alone

This is the longest thread i have written in my life. Thank you very much for reading .
ps: i wrote this in another sub forum but it wasnt a forum for chatting and it was the wrong forum.. so i reposted here. thank u
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You need to make some difficult decisions.

Depression will remain with you throughout your life if you're so self pitying and addicted to online games.

The reason you failed so badly is not because of all the depression, but because you decided to go down a total waste of time route through Maplestory.

It's a game.

Stop playing it, and spend some time studying.

From what you've said you're looking to make excuses. Life isn't easy, people won't be nice to you, so what are you going to do? Go home and play some rubbish online game? Is that going to fix your problems?


I avoided this route because i saw what i wanted to be and what i was doing was not conducive to success.

My advice : give up maplestory, **** attempting a social life, and get knitty gritty with the work. Maybe one day, if you do well enough at your studies and succeed in later life, you can try socialising but from what it sounds this will be impossible for you in your current circumstances (and frankly a waste of time).

And once again, stop playing MS!

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