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Sore throat/croaky voice symptoms - over 5 days now!! watch

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    Right, so I've been suffering with this croacky voice and sore throat since about Wednesday.

    Basicly I want your thoughts on what I could have, as I think it is something a bit more sinister, like throat poisoning or coated throat glands or something, I don't have a sore throat or any pain now, its just a constant feeling of something stuck in my throat and it makes my voice very coarse, to illustrate this, I'm very croaky, and I cannot rise or lower the tone of my voice or even the volume really - basicly, its as bad as I cannot scream!! (And I really want to with whatever this is!!)

    How I think it happened was on Tuesday night, a moth flew into my bedroom and I immediately wanted to kill it as I was about to go to sleep - and why the hell would I turn the light out with a moth alive flying round my room?!
    As I was tired, I just grabbed a can of deodorant beside my bed and sprayed quite a bit over this moth to pretty much kill it.
    However, my bedroom is in the loft and not very well ventilated, and ended up getting quite a lot of deodorant in my room, and possibly, breathing it in, down my throat.....

    But these symptoms of pretty much loosing my voice (although I can talk, just very croacky!) only began on Thursday morning, so about 24-36 hours after I deodorised my bedroom.

    So I'm not sure whether it was the deodorant that gave me this problem, or whether I have some virus or something else.

    I've looked online at tonsillitis and what the white bits look like down your throat when you get that, but I do not have that on my throat so I havn't a clue what this is and its VERY annoying.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Before I finish, I do not have any pain, its not a sore throat any more, and I've tried all medicines like sore throat tablets, aspirin etc. etc. and all the drinks possible - warm ribena, lemon + honey, I'm out of ideas!

    If its still with me on Monday I'm going to see my GP.

    Probably swine flu.

    i had exactly that a couple of weeks ago
    its not swine flu
    and it goes away after about a week

    Have you tried gargling with warm salty water? It may help your throat/voice problem.
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