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    I'm planning (fingers crossed) to take up an MEng in Civil Engineering this October. I'd preferably like to be prepared for what i study, so to current students out there, can you suggest any books, or materials that you think could help me?

    On a side-note, what can i expect from the course? How many presentations are you required to do during your first year (not a major problem for me), and to crowds how large? Is the course challenging overall, or certain areas more than others? Thanks in advance.

    I cant say i know much about civ-eng (im a mech-eng'er) but i wouldnt worry too much about 'being prepared'
    - Your department probably will sent out a reading list a week or so in advance, however even then i would hesitate to recommend you bought all the books on it before getting there because there probably around £50 each and you probably wont need half of them anyway. Combined with the fact blackwells on campus will have stocks of all the books you need at competitive prices.

    First year is aways a bit of an intro. Intersting, usfully, and a time for the people who are behind to come together with everyone else. It will be challenging but not stupidly so. It also doesnt affect your final grade.


    You've made a good choice of course!

    You'll be given reading lists for each module in the first lecture you have for each module, there will be one or two main books for each module and the rest will just be additional ones. The library has loads of copies of each book, not enough for one per person but most people won't even think about taking them out the library. No-one I know bothered to buy any books in the first year, but you could always borrow the library's copies then if you really like them then think about buying them. I wouldn't recommend buying any text book without looking at it first because you might not like the way the information is presented.

    You will have two presentations in your first year. One is on your own in front of your tutor group and your personal tutor, so about four people. And the other is a group presentation of a group project that you do, that will be infront of a couple of other groups and a couple of lecturers.

    Most of the first year work isn't too difficult. You'll have two maths modules in the first year, which are mainly A-level maths with a bit of further maths thrown in. There's two modules which a mostly graded on a group project, one has a small exam with a multiple choice element. Two modules are about construction materials, the first is really basic and the other isn't much harder. There is a double module based around structures which starts quite easy but gets harder, and you need to remember stuff from semester one for your exams at the end of semester two. Finally the hardest module is fluid mechanics, but if you work at the tutorial sheets you'll be fine.
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    Thanks a lot, both of you for your replies which i really appreciate
    After reading your responses i'll probably just wait and see what is recommended from the tutors and take it from there. I'm moving in this coming Wednesday so thanks again
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