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    Hi there!

    Me and a friend are trying to put together a student cook book with food which is a little more than your average student grub. We would be really grateful if you could share any recipies with us that you like making.

    They need to be student friendly, but a little different from the usual. If we use your recipie in the book and it gets published, we will of course inform you and credit your contribution.

    Please post any recipies here or PM me with them.


    Have a look at the TSR recipe book and see if there is anything there http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/w/in...ook&rcid=57534

    One I always cook, because chillis and garlic, and courgette last a long time in the fridge, and prawns and bacon can be frozen

    Chilli pasta (with either king prawns or bacon)

    Put 130 odd gram pasta on in salted water (use good quality pasta ideally)
    At same time heat 2 table spoons olive on low-medium heat in a frying pan
    after the pasta has been on 5 mins, add half a finely chopped red chilli and 1 chopped bacon rasher to the olive oil
    a minute or two later, add a few slies of chopped courgette, and a finely chopped garlic clove at the sametime
    stir the stuff in the frying pan every couple of mins. turn courgettes over after a couple of mins
    drain pasta 5 mins after youve put the frying pan stuff on, and mix with stuff in frying pan

    [if using king prawns instead (from raw), defrost first, and add a min or two after the bacon cus they cook slightly quicker]

    this dish is delicious and i cook it all the time. proper addicted!
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    I didn't realise there were all those recipies on TSR!! I will have to have a look through them. Thanks for that... and Reflexive.. that recipie does sound yummy!

    I think you'll like this one, it's something that I put together recently. It's pretty much a cheap way to do pizza.

    Wet a couple of fajita wraps and stack one on top of the other. Take a little tin of tomato purée and warm it with a little water and a bit of sugar (to loosen it and balance the flavour). Grate your cheese over the top and add any toppings you fancy (with a bit more cheese over the top, to protect the topping from burning). Five to ten minutes in the oven, you'll have a fantastically crisp pizza.

    I used a pizza stone to cook these on, but it's probably not in every student's artillery. Pre-heat a baking tray instead, to get a bit of heat to the underside.


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