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Bad GCSEs = Bad A Levels? watch


    I was talking to some 6th formers at my school whilst revising for my GCSE's and they said that everyone who didn't try for their GCSE's did really well for their A Levels and everyone who got straight A*s at GCSE (quite a common occurance at my boffy school, "bad" was if you got a couple of C's...) didn't do so well at A Level... I'm hoping this works for me!! Waiting for my GCSE results this summer and let's just say the most revision I did for any subject would have been two evenings . It seems the pattern works, if you put all your effort in for GCSE's you will have none left for A Levels and vice versa. My extremely clever sister got mostly A*s for GCSE's and found herself panicing before every exam after that because she hadn't revised...

    My friend who got like A*s and As got Cs and Ds this year. This happened to quite a few people from generally not working this year

    I got 5A*'s, 3 A's and 1 B at GCSE, and I didn't get a single A grade at AS level, I ended up with B's and C's, which, isn't too bad in a bigger perspective, but it took me by surprise.

    I went to a good high school that were relatively strict and focused, and personally I work better with a forced structure around me. I enjoy the social side of college. That's the problem. Now that we're out of compulsory education, it's all down to our own willingness to achieve, and I was far too distracted by the social opportunities and laid back atmosphere.

    It's something that really worries me about going to University. I'm aware it's extremely independent, more so than college, and I just don't work well in a relaxed environment. Hopefully AS results will have opened my eyes to focus more, resit and A2 results will reveal all.

    I got 2A 4B 3C at GCSE due to basically not trying and slacking around, my school wasn't a top school, we didn't have the best teachers (going to sixth form I realised how crappy the teaching at me secondary school was), we were told to aim for C's, it went like 'get a C and you're fine' and so I only tried to get C's and not A's. I think I'm capable of stepping it up at A-level if I put the effort in, and I did quite well in mocks with BBDE (E in critical thinking) so yeah, its never impossible if you try and if you got bad GCSE's it doesn't make you any less inteligent/acedemically able.

    This is a four month old thread. As much as your posts added to the thread, I think your points may have been made.

    just thinking about people i know:

    11A*s: 5As at AS
    11A*s: 3As 2Bs at AS
    10A*s, 1A: 4As, 1Bs at AS
    10A*s, 1A: 5As at AS
    8A*s, 3As: 3As, 2Bs and a D at AS
    7A*s, 3As: 3As, 2Bs and a C at AS
    6A*s, 5As: 5As at AS (i know 2 people who did ziss)
    4A*s, 7As: ABC at AS
    4A*s, 6As, B: All Ds/Es/Us at AS
    4A*s, 5As, 2Bs: AABBC at AS
    3A*s, 8As: ABBBD at AS
    3A*s, 8As: AABBC at AS
    1A*, 7As, 3Bs: AABBC at AS
    1A*, 4As, 5Bs, C: BCCDD
    8As, 3Bs: ABBCD at AS (this was me, ha)

    Though there could be a correlation that some more hardworking people who do better at GCSE will do better at AS however that does not mean someone who does badly at GCSE does badly at AS or vice-versa

    I got 6Bs and 4Cs at GCSE but then buckled down at Sixth Form and got ABB so GCSE scores mean nothing to be fair.

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