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Your embarrasing uni drunk stories watch


    Hmm ok this is probably going to be quite long.. but it's definitely worth the read...

    Okay well one night at uni we had a pjama party flirt night.. so I wore some little shorts and a top..

    ..anyway we went to the su and got pretty drunk.. as we normally did.. but my friend from home came to stay with me and went out with us.. she tried to keep up drinking with us, but she failed pretty miserably.. she was throwing up in a bin and the bouncers told us to leave, so we did..

    ...so, we were outside on campus waiting for a taxi and considering we were only in our pjamas we were FREEZING.. and on our campus we had a church.. and after nights out the church would open and serve tea and toast to try and sober people up.. so in there we went to get out of the cold..

    Sooo, we were sitting in the church and my friend was like oooh sit on the floor it's so warm! So I sat on the floor and she was right.. it was lavly.. so I slid on over next to her.. AND OMGOD I'm not even joking I had over 100 splinters in my bum!!


    The rest of the night my friend had to put frozen peas on my bum to pick out the splinters with tweezers :'(

    I was glad I was drunk so I couldn't feel the pain as much!! It took forever for them to all come out too, a year later I still had splinters coming out of my bum :'(

    okay so mine is college but getting so drunk i fell asleep outside in the rain and then when I came in I pretended I has Pneumnonia (sp) was pretty bad.

    Then there was the time I kissed every straight guy at the party :-|

    the time I sat down in the middle of the room and declared that everyone hated me and then started crying.

    and then there was the time where I sung "Marys boy child" at the xmas party with a carribean accent

    and then there was the time me and my friends were renting a house on holiday and I was missing home so drank everything in sight and then proceeded to jump on every step untill I fell through the stairs - god that hurt in the morning.

    and then there was the time I got a lift home from my Mum and went we pulled up home I thought she was a cab and said "how much do I owe you" when she replied "nothing" I said "omg you're sooooooooooooooooo kind" and fell out of the car.

    Then there was the time actually i'll stop there.

    (Original post by veggie4life)
    and then there was the time I got a lift home from my Mum and went we pulled up home I thought she was a cab and said "how much do I owe you" when she replied "nothing" I said "omg you're sooooooooooooooooo kind" and fell out of the car.

    One time, brought five bottles of Absolute Vodka, Jacques, Barcadi, etc for in flat house party then went to the student union pub afterwards. It got to the point where i thought they could handle their drinks, considering their drinkers and i'm a first time drinker (not alcoholic) and i had to babysit them from acting stupid in the pub that was causing unneccassary commotion amongst the tables around us.

    So yeah..was embarrased to be stuck and babysit them all. Never went with their drinking group afterwards lol

    In the morning i woke up naked in bed, remembering absolutely nothing from the night before. Apparently this is what happened!
    After being at the club for about thirty seconds I walked out on my own and was found half an hour later passed out on a patch of grass with my skirt half way up my body and being poked by two guys (not in the rude way!). After being picked up by my friends, I sick outside of Sainsbury's quite a few times, I finally made it home after being carried.
    I sprawled out on the bed in one of my friends rooms and then asked the lads to leave the room. They did, and apparently I grabbed the bin, pulled my pants down and squatted saying 'I need a poo'. Luckily i got rushed to the toilet before i had chance to do anything. So that's that. But then, I got near enough naked with only a bra on and decided I needed to go to my room. So I ran around my halls back to my room in just a bra. Apparently a lot of people saw quite a bit of me that night!
    So passing out, trying to poo in a bin and running round my halls practically naked. What a great night!
    Now whenever I go near a bin I get teased with the 'is that a toilet' and 'there's 'bin' enough jokes'. Good job I didn't end up 'following through' with the idea!


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