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Going back to areas you were attacked... watch

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    I got wel not sure what the word is for it about two weeks ago.

    I was walking out of a class I go to in that area, its a boxing class, and I love it been going for a while and it it a bad area of the city but its busy. Anyway was only 7pm and I came out I saw four black guys get out a car nearby. I tried to cross the street to avoid them but they purposly crossed the street to get to me. One of them asked for my bag and the other asked for my boxing gloves which I was holding. I said No and walker right past them. They started yelling things but I kept walking. I got to my car and got in. They didnt follow me but they really shook me up. I dnt know if its more cos u start to wonder what could have happened!

    Its a bad area of teh city and now I dnt know what to do abt my class. I love that class but its not as enjoyable anymore and im worried abt seeing those guys again. People keep filling my head with stories of them following me or waiting for me outside in thier car.

    Please help im freaking out....

    Im thinking its unlikly they will come abck and when I said no they didnt try to make a grab for my bag or anything. Its a buy main road with cars going by but then I thought there were four of them. If they wanted to grab my bag they could have right???

    There are a lot of women in my class but I left a little earlier as I was meeting a friend , normally there are people walking abt all the time but its shook me up.

    Part of me doesnt want to go back due to waht COULD happen but the other part feels I shouldnt let people like this ruin my fun.



    Not sure if people agree with me on this but u should do what ur comfortable with and not what people ask you to do cos im guessing that most people u have spoken to have asked u to go back. Am I right?
    I can understand this might be decent advise facing ur fears and all BUT they didnt go through it.

    I went through something very similar recently and trust me I know how terrifying it is, ur brain conjured up all these thoughts, what if they come back what if I see them again. U might u might not u just need to decide if ur comfortable with that. I used to go to a gym in a rough area and I got cornered by three guys who obviously lived there I managed to get away but it really shook me up. Anyway everyone told me to go back and I did about three times but I found I didnt enjoy my gym sessions at all anymore, I used to love those classes but now I hated them! So I moved to another place near where I live which is a decent area. Now I know bad things happen in good areas but obviously the chances of it are less.

    I felt cowardly and wimpy when I moved but now I dnt think it was a bad choice. I was in a situation where I could not relax and found it impacted my mood and made me not want to go and do this activity I enjoyed and simly by changing location im happier.

    Not sure if people will agree with me on this but lets see

    Hope your feeling better
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