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    Last Thursday I was expecting a Giro for 200 pound. I called them up and they said give it until Monday and if it hasn't arrived call them back and report it missing.

    I haven't got the Giro, so I called them today. I am awaiting a call back from them.

    Anyway, I have reason to believe the tenant who live in the front room (where the front door is) has stolen it and cashed it. It is possible to cash a Giro if you sign the back giving someone else the right to cash it for you.

    There is nobody else in the house just me and him. He's a mid 30's African guy.

    The money was to pay for my rent, which is nearly 2 weeks over due. I have just infomed my landlord via email and told her the situation.

    I just want to know if my landlord is in the wrong on this.

    1) She moved someone into the room where the front door is, when there are other rooms in the house they could have moved into. Its also a fire hazard, if there was a fire in the kitchen there would be no way for me to escape the house.

    2) I am convinced she hasn't done the proper checks on him. She has moved people into the house in the past and they have caused problems.

    Of course, I need to wait for the outcome to see if it has been cashed. If it has I know its the guy who lives here. And if that is the case, would I have any rights to deny rent until the issue is resolved (question mark, dont work on my keyboard, lol).

    I have money to pay the rent from personal funds. But I am angry with my landlord. This house is a joke, everything is wrong with it. Way to many problems. If I can legally hold back the rent just to piss her off I will.

    Also, what are my rights if I deny to pay rent. Would she have to give me notice to move out even if I don't pay the rent.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Your rights depend somewhat on what type of tenancy you have - can you tell us any more?

    So far as I'm aware, there isn't any right to withold rent, and this is especially true when it's just because you want to piss your landlord off! Ultimately, not paying the rent puts you in the wrong and might have a negative impact on your chances of getting other accommodation in the future.

    If your landlord wants you to leave, they would have to give you some form of notice. Again, the exact form this would take depends on what type of tenancy you have, but bear in mind that in most common tenancy situations, it's perfectly possible for a landlord to issue notice even if the tenant hasn't done anything wrong (like not paying the rent). Rent arrears are, however, a pretty cut-and-dried reason for a landlord to issue notice.

    Your landlord may well have had tenants who caused problems in the past - most landlords will at some time or another, sadly - but what 'proper checks' do you feel she should have done on the other tenant? Having someobody living in the front room where the door is does sound dodgy, though, I agree.

    It sounds like you don't much want to be living there - why not look for somewhere else?

    Other than that, the first piece of advice I would give is to stop getting a giro and have your money paid into an account. That way, you know for certain it's coming to you and avoid any hassle. Secondly, if you want proper advice on your rights, go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau. They'll be able to help.
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    It's a student house, except the guy living here is not a student. The landlord is just trying to get as much money from the house as possible. I have a contract. The landlord does not live here.

    I am moving in September. To much hassle at this point to move, but I'm looking for another place.

    If the other guy is not a student, she will have to pay council tax, which I know she is not doing. I know this because the landlord makes us pay for all the bills. She would not pay for the council tax.

    I'm angry about all the problems I've had. Because the guy lives in the front room I cannot get deliveries to the house, taxi's, pizza's. The bins cannot go out, so they sit in the other room until he decides to take them through his room out the front. At one point I put them in the back garden because they smelt awful. The landlord came around and seen them and had a go at me.

    I have so much against her, that I think I can piss her off without her kicking me out. I'm the type to bribe. Only because she has no care about my welfare or other peoples in the house and shes a money taking B****.

    My own fault I know. But she's caused me so many problems that I'm wiling to cause them back.

    Thanks anyway. Forgive me for my negative attitude on the situation. It's probably just heat of the moment because I'm annoyed.

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