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What's your sexual orientation? watch

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    MODS deleted my thread on the gay test, apparently it was unsuitable for GD, so I'm here in chat.

    Let's chat about what your orientation is, why you feel that way, do you think it's natural/genetic, etc

    And if you really want to, my gay test is in a spoiler below:

    [Moderators, note that this is merely a bit of harmless fun, hence it being posted in Chat.]

    You've clicked onto this thread in a bout of feverish panic. Your penis is already beginning to swell, aroused by the mere mention of my esteemed gay test.

    Now you're wondering why the heck is the OP being so silly, breathing a little harder now.

    Now you've skipped the reading and, almost at the point of climaxing, you skip prematurely ahead to the below spoilers, one after the other, down, down into the pits of this wonderful thread.

    TEST 1:

    The basic finger examination:


    TEST 2:

    A pictorial examination:


    TEST 3:

    An arousal examination:


    Tests 1 + 2 either provide you with yes or no answer. If you nurse an instant semi/full-on erection for Test 3, then your answer to the test is yes.

    A score of 0 yes' = You're either a lying troll/a macho man, congrats. :cool:

    A score of 1 yes = You're bi. Not straight. Not gay. Just ... bi. :yes:

    A score of 2 yes' = You're officially gay. Do revel in the barrage of anal thrusts that will inevitably ensue.

    A score of 3 yes' = God help you. You're beyond any sane help.

    Enjoy your predicament.

    It's pretty gay. I wasn't expecting it to be that gay.
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