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Warning: Job scams watch

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    I'm sure a lot of you are on the look out for a job, as I am, I warn you to stay well away from Fosters Marketing Ltd. I got a call from this company a few hours ago inviting me to an interview tomorrow. I was delighted and started researching the company and their website was unimpressive to say the least; looks like it took five minutes to make:

    http://www.fostersmarketing.com/ (their website).

    I looked around the net a bit more and found these links which said that this was a big scam:


    These links show what the actual con is. Briefly, if you're a graduate, your left at the bottom of the company being fed false illusions that you can move your way up the company whilst your superiors take the money you've earned from your hard work. If you're 18 like me you earn commission and are made to pay for insurance, taxes, transport etc.

    There's much more on them links. These companies are known to operate in Leeds, Wolverhampton, Manchester and probably many other areas. So, any news from these lot, stay well away!

    It's not really a scam. They're just not very upfront with the facts. I did some work for a firm earlier this year, got a similar story as the MSE version about how I 'could' follow a 12 month scheme and be earning so much so quickly. I actually wasn't fully aware of what the job entailed till after accepting the job, but in my daft defense I was desperate for work so went along with it anyway. I only did 3 days work for them but soon realised that the targets they set for even the simplest of promotions were difficult. For example, every sale earned you £25 commision. You would then need to make 15 sales over a 6 day week to hit the first target. It doesn't sound too bad, but it is a difficult job. How some of them do it is beyond me, staying cheery for 8 hours a day while expecting 90% of your prospective customers to tell you to F. off takes some effort. Plus the distance you cover every day is unbelievable. I thought the DofE was bad, until I tried to do this.
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