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Which is worse: the guilty being unpunished, or an innocent being wronged? watch

  • View Poll Results: Which is worse: the guilty being unpunished, or an innocent being wronged?
    Guilty being unpunished?
    Innocent being wronged?


    I do think an innocent person being wronged is worse, but in the case of a violent criminal they are likely to be violent again. For something like theft, I don't really care if someone goes unpunished. I do care if a rapist is free to rape again.

    (Original post by Olivia_Lightbulb)
    I saw this in a more philosophical light, but if we are discussing the statement in a legal sense I would change my mind and say the guilty being unpunished. In the rape example, just 3% of rape allegations are maliciously motivated, and yet this argument is used disproportionatly often. 1 in 20 rape allegations never results in a conviction. For this example, the greater wrong is the guilty man being unpunished and allowed to inflict damage upon another victim.
    Do you mean 1 in 20 rape allegations does result in a conviction?

    I think that an innocent being convicted is worse because when an innocent man is convicted of a crime three wrongs are done, the first against the victim whose attacker wont face justice. then there is the crme against the innocent man who is punished for an action which wasnt his and finally against society as a whole which is deprived of an upstanding member whlst the criminal is allowed to roam freely amongst them and with the option to re-offend.

    Innocent being wronged - its not something you can easily come back from. Especially things like rape allegations, child abuse/sexual abuse etc etc. Once the allegation is made its stuck with that person forever even if they're eventually cleared.

    It very much depends on the crime and the punishment in question.

    An innocent being convicted of petty theft, and getting 2 weeks in prison plus community service, is not as bad as a serial killer going unpunished.

    However an innocent being convicted of murder (in America) and getting the death penalty, is way worse than a petty thief going unpunished.

    So it all depends.
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