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why do girls wear so much makeup? watch


    I dont wear it to cover myself, I just wear it to enchance I guess. I only wear a little powder and a touch of mascara at the moment. Sometimes I wear none, although when I dont wear any, I feel a bit vulnerable.

    (Original post by Isambard Kingdom Brunel)
    I know this girl who sometimes wears tons of black make up around her eyes. I never look at her for long enough to check where exactly the black stuff is, but I think it's sort of on her eyelids and under the eyes, probably with blacker eyelashes as well.

    I dont understand why she does it. She is fairly good looking anyway, adding the make up makes her less attractive, IMO.

    Any girls want to shed some light on what this black stuff is?
    I think that "black stuff" is called eye-liner?
    Mostly used.. well it makes your eyes more defined, and they stand out more. Well atleast that's the point.
    btw, what does this girl look like, how do you know she'd look better without it.

    I never, ever wear makeup, and I never have and probably never will. I just don't give a damn about looking attractive; I pursue knowledge as opposed to men and hey, I wouldn't want to date anybody merely because they think I 'look nice'. Personality is worth far more than looks.

    How do you know women look gorgeous without it, if all he women you see are wearing some...

    I wear a fair bit of makeup, but try to keep it pretty natural looking, just to enhance and improve, and not clownish makeup.

    Women wear makeup to feel better about themselves. Same as men try to bulk up to feel better about themselves I guess. It isn't only to impress men, women just like to feel good.


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