I sorted all my student loan application months ago then this mourning i got this email through

Thank you for submitting your application for student finance.

We require some items of evidence to verify the details you have provided. If you have already sent in evidence, additional items may be required following assessment of this application.

You can check the list of evidence required, and the address to send it to, from your online account. To access your account, please login to our website www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance using your Customer Reference Number: 03579002075, internet password and secret answer, and go to the 'Evidence Summary' screen.

If you have forgotten or misplaced part of this information, you can request a reminder email by following a link on the website.

To allow us to assess your entitlement for student finance, please provide the original documents requested with a note of your Customer Reference Number.

If you are unable to provide us with any of the items requested, please let us know immediately as you may not receive your full entitlement to student finance.

Yours sincerely
Student Finance England

As they usually send out e-mails for the sake of it, i didnt really take any notice because they said i dont have to send any of this things out as i am a second year student. But when i logged into it again all my details had been deleted and i now have to re-apply ?

Has this happened to anyone else ?