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    Hey Everyone,

    Well it's off season and while having the summer off I'm wanting to try and get my running up, both speed and endurance. Right now I'm crap, and even when I was fit I was never a runner. I went out last week for a slow jog and done 2 miles in 20 minutes and I was pretty dam tired after that.

    When it comes to other sports I'm not so bad, I can cycle for hours and cover lots of miles. I have also started playing squash a month ago and play around 5 times a week during summer.

    The sports I usually play are football or rugby. At Uni if i play Rugby I'm Ok in but for football at uni my fitness isn't the best for a centre mid!

    So I've decided the best thing to do is just actually going out and running rather than doing other exercise. I'm never going to be that fast because I go the gym around 4-5 times a week doing weights, so I can't see me ever being the fast cross country runner but it'd be nice to be able to go out and jog say 10 miles eventually.

    But literally I'm a complete begginer so want some websites or regimes on what to do, whether it be HIIT, or how many days to go out and run, and things like that.

    I'm 5ft 9, 15 stone (so overweight). I've tried sorting out my nutrition this summer. I've got some running shoes too that help me for slight over pronation.

    Also got the garmin forerunner 305 that can measure my time/distance/speed and heart rate.

    Tips/Links/advice from your own progress perhaps?

    Thanks guys,

    Personally my football training over last summer was similar to this:

    Mon - 6-8 Miles medium pace (literally a jog)
    Tue - Suicides, finishing with 3 x 100 metre sprints
    Wed - 3-4 Miles Reasonable Pace (talking 8/9 minute miles)
    Thurs - Bleep Test to failure
    Fri - 10-12 miles slow pace
    Sat - Interval Run (I used to do the classic between lampost down a very very long main road. I'd jog between two, then sprint, then run, then jog etc. Mixing it up everytime. Pushing myself to the limit. )
    Sun - Rest

    But then i was in really good shape and used to training before that was my regime, so its probably something you should build up to.

    I'd start off with a jogging a few miles 3 x a week. Then on one of them say to myself i'm going to push the time. So for example

    Week 1
    Mon - Jog 2/3 miles
    Wed - Jog 2/3 miles
    Fri - Jog 2/3 Miles

    Week 2
    Mon - Jog 3/4 Miles
    Wed - Jog 2/3 Miles (Faster than any of last weeks times)
    Fri - Jog 3/4 Miles

    Then as you get used to it add in some interval training, sprint sessions, shuttles, suicides etc. When you feel your body can cope. But then i wouldnt reccomend something so intense if you are going to the gym and playing squash so much aswell. Over training can lead to injuries pretty fast, just stick with it and have patience things work but they do take time i wouldn't push too hard.

    This is just personally what i found works best for me ^^.

    My old coach, when he was welcoming new athletes, recommended a 30 minute run three times a week to beginners, at 75% max heart rate. Then when it gets easy, up it to 45, and then an hour. After an hour gets easy try doing a set route, say six miles, and try to complete it in 45 mins.


    That my help you if your doing a fair amount of jogging mate
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    Yep I know about over-doing it, so If I start on a routine I'll cut down the intensity in other areas. If I'm running a few times I won't play squash as often and things like that.

    My biggest problem is jogging/running bores the hell out of me. I've never liked it, and never done it. But I know from my personal experience it's the best way to improve my fitness, and so I need to do it, so finding a well recommended programme online or from peoples advice that I can print out and work towards, it'll give me some motivation and enthusiasm. A bit of variation sounds good like the intervals, suicides and things like that (although I'm not sure what they all are).

    The mapmyrun I've seen before but Garmin does that for me, if you go to my website www.matthew-walker.net/journal you can see on the left hand side some of my mapped runs and cycles and the speed/distance (poor though).

    If people know good sites or own routines that got them from zero to a good runner that'd be great. As I say its not as easy for me to just go out and do 2/3 miles a day or half an hour jogging as I'm knackered after 20 minutes and have to walk! Fattttty
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    sorry for double post, but does anyone have any websites or routines to look at ? with weights etc. you get told starting strength for beginners and so forth but was hoping there would be something similar and as holy for being an absolute beginner at running...
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