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    Hiya. Basically I am teaching myself for my A levels at the mo and in Jan I am sitting AS maths (plus critical and ancient history) I was going to take A2 Maths next june but now im thinking that I think im nearly ready for my exams already- by doing past papers etc to see whats tested- I pretty much only have revision to do, nothing more to really learn, so I am considering doing an extra maths exam as well.

    Here is my question - (I am doing the exams through OCR so for AS - C1, C2 and M1 or S1 havnt decided yet)

    If I do go for another one which will be easiest/quickest to learn by january - A2 maths so get the whole A level done at once (checked with OCR this is fine) which is C3, 4 and another applied...
    AS Further Maths (FP1 plus two applied?) and then A2 Maths next june?

    Is there much difference or is it all about the same anyways?
    And do you think I will be able to do OK if I do only have 5 months to learn when Iv only studied specific AS stuff so far?

    Thank you

    You can have M1 and S1 as your applieds, both of which are straightfoward-ish. C3 isn't too bad at all, C4 would be more difficult. However FP1 isn't really that bad at all, then you could self-teach D1 for your other applied, not that I know how that is. I reckon you definitely ought to be able to manage C1-3, M1 and S1 in Jan. You could cover FP1 and D1 too without too much strain. I'd leave C4, FP2 + 2 applieds for later.

    I would do AS Further maths as only C2 knowledge is required for it and that's kept at a minimal anyway. S1 is very easy and M1 too if you put the time in. I guess if you want and if possible you could do A2 Maths in June and A2 Further Maths the year after (if you haven't started sixth form/college yet).

    C3/C4 maths is certainly easier than the FPs. It's just easier stuff IMO.
    Plus, the average person taking C3/C4 is not (nowhere near) as smart as the average one taking FP1/FP2 so your mark gets boosted nicely. I finished 2/3 my C4 paper and got 100.

    I agree with QED.

    Do C1 and C2 as planned in January.
    Teach both S1 and M1, and sit those too.
    Also squeeze in C3 and FP1, if you can.

    Save C4 and other FP modules for later. They'll need more practice.

    If I were you, I wouldn't bother with D1 at all, unless you're really pushed for time and want a smaller/easier module, or you want to complete for than 12 modules.

    If you want ideas for the rest of the applied modules you need, then first of all I suggest you do all the FP modules as they're the most interesting, and fun!
    After that, statistics if easy to understand, but requires alot of practice to 'train' yourself to stop making silly mistakes (such as not multiplying a p-value by 2 when looking at two-tailed tests).
    Mechanics on the other hand is a little harder to pick up, but there are less chances to make mistakes. Basically, if you've 'got it', you can't really go wrong.

    Why don't you just do 2 modules in January and the remaining 4 in June? Sounds easier and less hassle.
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    It depends whether you prefer pure or applied maths... if you prefer pure, you'll probably learn A2 Maths faster, because there are 2 pure modules and just 1 applied; but if you prefer applied, you'll probably learn AS Further Maths faster, because there is only 1 pure module (and that pure module is only about as difficult as C2). Either way, 5 months is plenty of time to learn it in (or both if you really put your mind to it -- it only took me 2½ months to self-teach C3-4 + M1 for example).

    Either way, I might recommend that you don't put in for all the modules you self-teach, just in case you don't quite make it. What I did when I self-taught was, even though I'd done C3-4 + M1 in time for June, I only sat C3 in June, then I sat C4 + M1 in the January of Year 13... it was a good decision IMHO because I got to know C4 in more depth, and since I was also sitting M2 in January, my Mechanics improved.
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Updated: July 24, 2009


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