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Why do some people have no friends? watch


    I don't have any friends because I've came to a point in my life where I'm fed up of 'friends' who stab you in the back.

    Throughout school I had friends who stabbed me in the back and *****ed about me..

    ..same at college..

    ..I thought it would change when I got to uni but it got worse.

    Now I'm 22.. I live with my boyfriend so I don't really feel that I need 'best friends' to go out with, he's my best friend, along with my mom.

    I don't want any friends because I feel that they only let you down in the end
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    Wow this thread is kind of depressing. I didn't realise there were people that hated social interaction.
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    I honestly don't know why I don't have friends, besides shyness, but as you say, even shy people have friends. I had no trouble getting a boyfriend though.

    People just don't tend to like me very much. (I think it's my face.) To the few who know me I'm actually a very nice person with, admittedly, traces of bitterness. But through people disliking me stems a sort of dislike of other people and social interaction. When two girls come over to me, on my own, and then act haughty to each other when I don't instantly blend in with them and agree that they're cool because they're drinking vodka with their J20, I would just rather not be talking to anyone at all. I can't stand it when people talk to you out of a self-mastorbatory pity for you, rather than a genuine desire to talk to you as a person.

    Just felt like saying that. Hmn.

    Nasty people tend to make more friends and be more popular. They are often extroverts. In my sixth form, there was one rather nasty person who everyone said they didn't really like but they still hung out with him all the time. Nasty people are more exciting to be around and usually possess more confident characteristics. Laugh you may but think of Cook on Skins.
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    I don't have any friends and it's sad.
    Life's very boring and cruel without them.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm talking about people who have moved away from home for university (or worked etc.) and therefore should have been able to make friends. Not necessarily really close friends that you can tell everything to, but people to hang out with, go out with etc.? It can't be shyness - even the most shy people I know still have friends, so what do you think it is? I've met a few people at work who apparently don't have any friends at all and only meet up with their boyfriends (if they have one) and I'm not sure how it happens. It can't really be shyness because if you are too shy to make friends, then surely you are too shy to get boyfriends?
    I don't have many friends because people dislike when i put nutella into rice pudding.

    Why would you ask this on TSR?

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