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    (Original post by twig)
    At the moment I am doing quite well in my state school (well at least I would perfer to think so). So, provding if do get high grades at college, would coming from normal/grammar school, change my chances?
    I wouldn't think so, or I'd like not to think so.

    Also, with regard to the entrance procedure, am I to give my predicted GCSE grades to the grammar school?
    Well, yes. How else are they supposed to decide whether to offer you a place?

    (Original post by Ben77mc)
    My school is a Grammar, and is independent.
    Your argument is flawed.
    Then your school is not a real grammar - it is a selective independent school.
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    (Original post by jimdawg)
    Learn to spell

    I think its generally based on getting GCSEs. The entry requirement is pretty low (I think it was min. 4 Bs and 3Cs at mine).

    Universities discriminate very little on grounds of how good your school with - certainly at a level less than proportional to the amount a better school will add to your application in terms of better teaching + environment = better results.
    Is the teaching (not the environment) better at grammar schools? How is it more advanced?

    (Original post by twig)
    Is the teaching (not the environment) better at grammar schools? How is it more advanced?
    It's just like being in the top set at an ordinary school or something.

    Well a Grammar school near my house requires at least 6 B's, which seems generous. Albeit some Grammar schools do require you to sit an entrance exam

    My school requires 6 B's for sixth form. Odd thing is, I reckon its a minimum requirement for all of use being forced to stay on (it aint that bad really ). For newcomers, I think you need that just to consider applying, then they lob people out who they cant scrounge for cash.

    Do I get away with saying that? (no I dont pay full fees so dont start down that one )

    Teachers expect you to be more independant than you are xD
    You have to do work otherwise you look bad compared to the darn prodigies who are perfect at everythin....

    A FEW (like 5?) people will probably be... urmm, upperclass? Well, thats bout it.

    Never been to a state school (after primary), so tried not to make comparisons.
    If you think its an option just go for it, hell what have you go to lose! Just reject after if you decide against it...

    (Original post by fubsadoo)
    But the sixth form does seem fairly relaxed compared to some grammar school sixth forms and the main school, like we have an office dress code instead of wearing suits and proper formal clothes.
    We wore our own clothes, although they did have a bizarre 'no shoulders showing' rule. I hear the new head is changing it to office wear though.

    O and on the grammar school thing...
    Mine is a selective independant school, but its most definately a grammar school as well.... (maybe its just a technicality, but its still true).
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