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    Okay so I'm finishing off my accommodation application and have two choices...

    Standard room with washbasin: £75 per week
    Ensuite room: £101 per week

    Now, i would prefer to be ensuite but I am wondering whether I should with regards to other aspects of my finance

    My maintenance grant and loan plus a bursary (not sure if i got it but i think i did as i'm eligible) gives me £7,200

    Now overall the standard room comes to £2925 and the en suite comes to £3939

    I'm not very good with numbers, money and finance really and so would like to know that if I got the en suite room would I have enough to afford food, spending and going out money too (I plan on having somewhat of a social life :p:)

    I am going to look for a job when I arrive but with this recession I'm a little nervous I can find one so I'm seeing if i could manage without a job

    £101 for an ensuite room is quite expensive in my opinion...I've applied for a studio room and it's £110 in nottingham.
    I think it'll depend on other financial support you recieve lyk parents or uni bursary
    If you can stick it out and live in the standard room for a year then you should do that because you might not be motivated to get a job and the recession isn't helping like you said.
    Another option is to look for another accomodation

    what uni are you going?

    edit: omg ignore me :p:
    ur sig jus answered my question lol
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    well the thing to remember is that all halls include elec, water and all other bills most give free ResNet (Internet Connection). £101 for ensuite isn't bad.

    Surrey Uni (Guilford) which is really london prices is £100.70 for en-suite which is what i'll prob go for next year and i'll only get like £5500 loan and a small grant. and the lease is 36 weeks so thats £3625.20 which leaves me £1874.80 spread over the 36 weeks thats only £52 a week which with the prices associated with been in the south and near london wont be enough to live off. i think i'll need to have ~£80-£100 to live and have even a moderate social life and buy books etc. so i'm going to have to get a job at uni and save up loads during the holidays seeming as they dont give you all of your maintance loan in one go (33% 1st term, 33% Second, 33% Final)

    and i'll be getting no support from my parents.

    i'd deffo go for the en-suite remember otherwise you sharing a single bathroom with prob 3-5 others.

    good luck with whatever you do.

    Not having an en-suite isn't that bad. Unless you live in university accommodation for the entire duration of your degree, you're going to have to share a bathroom anyway. I'd go for non-en-suite just so that I was more comfortable financially.

    I would always say don't go for ensuite, its a luxury and especially at a time when finding part time work is hard, its better to go for the cheaper room and have that extra money in reserve

    Share the bathroom and have more nights out

    That's how I made my decision

    Basically, what batty_hatty said. If you can stick sharing a bathroom with other people, then you should do it. That way you'll have more freedom in other areas of your finances. I wanted en-suite, but when I thought about it, if I've got my own wash basin, it's not so bad.


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