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Further Maths As and A2 - What modules to do? watch

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    I have done my A2 maths with college and took C1 C2 C3 C4 S1 S2.

    Now this year I am taking As and A2 futher maths by myself but I am not amazing at Maths (Expected an A this year but not by much)

    What six modules do you think would be the easiest to take?


    Out of FP1/FP2/FP3 the first two are apparently easier, but there isn't much in it between the last two. (You have to take FP1 alongside either FP2 or FP3)

    In terms of the applied modules, depending on what you want to do, the Mechanics modules seem to be more highly regarded, I think it's because they're marginally harder than the Decision or Stats modules. If you want six modules that are easy to take I'd say:


    There isn't much else you can do really.
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    It's entirely subjective. Obviously you have to do FP1 and either FP2 or FP3, and it would make sense to take M1 and D1... it really depends what you find easiest.

    Let's say you do FP1 M1 D1 for AS, which would make sense. Then you can decide, after AS, which modules you want to do for A2, based on which you found easiest/most enjoyable for AS. For example, although I found D1 easy, I'd never do D2 because I found it so boring; so although doing FP2 and FP3 (rather than FP2 and D2, for example) would be harder, it's more interesting, so I was more motivated to learn it. Basically, make that decision after you've been through some FP1/M1/D1 stuff, when you truly know what you want to study. Remember that FP2 and FP3 are independent, so you can do FP3 without having done FP2, so if you don't want to do them both it's worth looking through the syllabus and seeing which out of the two is right for you.

    If you want to do well, I'd recommend starting to teach yourself now (not in September); you'll understand stuff a lot better if you allow yourself enough time to get to grips with stuff (I self-taught A2 Maths so I know to a certain extent what it feels like).

    What exam board?
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    Thanks for all the advice.

    Yes I have started. I have FP1 and D1 books and gone thoroughly through the first two chapters so far.

    I will do FP1 D1 and M1 in January then, and decide from there.

    I am doing Edexcel by the way.
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    I have another question!

    In my first year of college I only did Two As's.

    Last year I did the Two A2's plus an As.

    In my third year I am studing my final 3rd A2 level, whilst doing the A2 further maths.

    Will the fact I am studing a fourth A-level give me a higher chance of getting conditional offers? Seeing as I need extra stuff to make up for my lack of studies in the first year (sport related!)


    Actually to apply for the masters I want to start in Oct 2010 I would need some further maths knowledge (at the moment I've only got A-Level Maths (580/600)).

    I'd need to teach myself some FM modules - I'm looking to start soon because I have the days free (bar a few mini-internships) until the start of this October, after which things will become more difficult because I'll be entering my final year.

    I may not actually have to gain a full A2 FM qual but would need to show competency certainly in some modules (which I would take in June - i.e. after finals in February).

    I've self taught AS maths before but obviously this is going to be more difficult - do you reckon it's possible?

    sorry for hijacking the thread!


    FP1,FP2 and FP3 together make the most powerful combination (+ 3 others).
    I would say the FP3 is easier than FP2 ( this is of course a somewhat dubious statement; it all rather depends on (i) how your mind works (ii) to what degree you want to understand the material as oppossed to just being able to apply it);
    As for the 3 other modules .... well if you want the easiest ride then D1, M1, M2 or S3 (which is actually a rather straightforwards module)
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Updated: July 23, 2009
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