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Anyone tried the Navy Seal Workout? watch

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    Hey Guys

    Thinking of doing the Category I starting from Monday, its 9 weeks which will take me to near the time of Uni starting again, in which I can re-adjust training according to timetables etc.

    http://www.thesealteams.com/SEAL_workouts/ Here is the link.

    I was just hoping that someone has done it or knows about it, or either way could advise me.

    The other day I went out for a run after breakfast at around 10.30am and just about completed 2 miles without walking, it was tough for a 210lber 5 ft 9 guy who never runs! So just wondered if they think that programme would be suitable and achievable for me and my personal attributes as such, i.e. realistic.

    I did look at the couch to 5k workout but that seems a bit too basic. I'm trying to find some sort of programme as just going out and running bores the hell out of me. This programme still doesn't include HIIT but at least there is reasons to be doing each run (i.e. to progress to the next stage).

    Also I wondered if I should cut out all my other activities while doing it. The runs I'd do early morning but in the evenings I occasionaly play Squash and go the gym to workout about 4-5 times a week.

    Any thoughts would be great.


    To be honest, it doesn't look that demanding.
    The only thing i'd struggle with is the amount of pull ups. The entry tests don't look that hard either.

    What are you doing at the gym?

    I can't see the point in doing concurrent programmes.
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    Ye I see your point thats why I'm thinking against it, I was just trying to fnd running routines but stumbled across that. Because like the couch to 5k and things like that looked a bit boring/easy, at first was wanting one which had some days jogging, some days HIIT etc.

    At the gym I'm doing 4-5 day splits really.

    The thing is if I did just that programme on its own I'd have so much spare time because I'm off all summer, If I get up at 6.30/7.30 and do the runs, I'm back before 8am and doing some push ups and sits up I can be done for the day by 9. So not going the gym in the evening etc. I think would bore me a bit.

    i've never followed a regime but i've heard that most people fail at fitness regimes at about week 3.

    if running 2 miles seems such an achievement probably you'd struggle to increasing distances of the program.

    i think you'd be much better off running for a certain time three times a week. 20 mins may be a good start.

    also take an mp3 player so you can listen to music, stops you getting bored.


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