Missed periods and old blood

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    Hi hi
    I've been trying to work out whether this is just normal or what, but I'm confused and was hoping you guys could help

    I missed my last period (and the one before, I think, but I lost track so it might have only been the one). I'm a virgin.
    A week or so before my period was due I got what I think is "old blood" (dark brownish discharge) and this lasted for a week. Then about a fortnight later, I got it again, for about a week.

    This has been happening every other week/fortnight since then, and I'm kind of worried about it now. ): Is it normal to last for this long or should I be even more worried than I already am?

    If it helps, I'm 16. My periods started when I was about 12-ish, but they were very erratic at first. They only started to regulate last year.

    Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Unfortunately some people do just have crazy periods. One of my old friends had one every two weeks, she went on every pill imaginable and nothing was working, but she eventually found one to regulate her!

    As you're young and only regulated last year, chances are it's just a bit of a blip and not too much to worry about. If it continues for a month or so more, I'd probably pop to your GP and explain. Chances are they might put you on the pill to see if that helps regulate your period. If you don't want to be on the pill long term, you can always go on for a course of 6 months, then come off and see if it keeps regular anyway.

    I had this on my first cycle after going on the pill. I think it's probably just erratic hormones, and nothing to worry about. I left it to see if my next period was the same before i went to my GP - but my next one was absolutely fine.

    ETA: that was to the old blood, but for the frequent irregular periods, i've heard a lot of girls do that when they come OFF the pill, so again, probably hormones. If it's a problem, i would see your GP about it, because even if you don't need them for contraception, some people can be put on the pill to sort their periods out. If you don't want to do that, i personally wouldn't worry
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    thank you very much PoisonDonna (: I'll just relax about it then and see what happens, and if it's no good in a month I'll see my GP.

    thank you again!
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    thank you meandmyimaginaryfriend as well (only saw your post after submitting that last one) yeah, I'll see what happens for the next month or so - if it's still not sorted I'll probably go on the pill to see if that'll help regulate them - it's rather annoying not knowing when it's going to happen

    thanks - you guys have really put my mind at ease, I was worried someone was going to pop up with some awful news XD thank you
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Updated: July 24, 2009
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