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People who devoted much of their life to education watch


    (Original post by QED)
    Hardly a feat to be proud of.
    These people are all taller than I am, stronger than I am and more tanned than I am.

    Wasting their lives.

    For some people, it'd be a really enjoyable way to spend their lives.

    For me, it would be pure hell. One degree is enough for me. I'd personally rather get the work experience as opposed to the academic knowledge/conduct research for my whole life.
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    (Original post by im so academic)
    What do academics *specifically* do?
    Research, write, teach, attend/speak at conferences.

    (Original post by Windsprite)
    sporty and intelligent are not mutually exclusive.
    I have 10 A*S and played for county hockey and netball !!
    I bet Prof Steven Hawkings would be soo jealous

    (Original post by Craig_D)
    If I have my way, I will never willingly leave university. I want to get a BA, then an MA, a Phd and then become a Research Professor for the rest of my life.

    I accept that this is unlikely to actually happen, but it's the way I would like my life to go.
    Dito... fingers crossed but we all know we will end up in sum random job :p:

    (Original post by la fille danse)
    Research, write, teach, attend/speak at conferences.
    Oh...OK then.
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    (Original post by Ben77mc)
    What's wrong with that, OP?
    (Original post by d123)
    And what's wrong with this? I think this is a good thing, dedicating time to gaining more knowledge in a field.
    (Original post by Indubitably)
    This. What's wrong with learning? Academics interact with people as well, since they have collegues and whatnot. Do you have some kind of grudge against smart people, OP?
    Lol no. The point i'm asking is i just want to know your viewpoints. I also have no problems with people who love to seek knowledge and spend most of their time doing it. It often inspire me and motivates me more to do by my own as well. The problem is that there are always those people that like to criticize this people when they are doing so. I my self find this strange and sad sometimes.

    I was having dinner with one of my lecturer and two of my mates and we were talking about movies and all of the sudden he (the lecturer) made a joke that i studied too hard and need to go out more. Well i was quite shock that he said that since he is a 'lecturer' but he's quite young, early 30's so i just ignore it. Beside he does not know my personal life that much anyways. And then he adds, he has a friend who's doing a PhD in some radar technologies and he told us that his friend got fed up with it, leave the academic, never look back and enjoyed his life. He was pointing the story at me (since most of the time his face was towards me at that time) as if it was meant for me. I was again shock and quite hurt by it but i just keep quiet since he's after all the lecturer and i've no interest to argue with him. Well he's quite known to be blunt, but sometimes blunt people talk before they think...in my opinion anyways. Well he's a good lecturer. He thought me two modules quite well. It's just that i was shock and quite hurt with it. I think this is the first time i mentioned it to anybody lol!

    Also the other day, i was in the department, and one of my former lecturer who's also in her early 30's-currently doing her PhD asked me how many extra subjects i'm talking the semester (in my Uni is allowed to take extra subjects other than the compulsory one but very few people do it). After she asked me the question she made a silly face, those face when you made a sarcastic joke. If this were my mates i've no problems and it would not effect me much (i could have cared much about it) but they are lecturers! Well perhaps they are young and they themselves might not be the best at their own...how to say...field? but it did get to me a little bit

    (Original post by BJack)
    I don't see why this is necessary.
    Yes it is. I want to make sure that point is made clear. Some people spend most of their time studying and doing academic work but they are still active in sports, do watch movies and have a life of their own. I agree that if it's not balance than that maybe a problem. You can't just study and not do anything else. The problem with some people is that they are quick to judged and give silly advice as if they know someone's personal life well. The other day i was talking with one of my mate and one of my other mates came buy and i told her that i just played tennis with him. She was quite shock that my mate played tennis (this mate of mine is well known to be brainy) but even though he's brainy, he's still finds the time to play sports and is quite active in it. I just don't understand people who's quick to judged others as if they know them very well and make such a generalization.

    Big rant here lol. But i think you all know now why i post such thread. I just don't understand certain people. Is it too great of a danger that someone else like to study and have other interest as well (that they might not know?)


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