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why do most british people totally disrespect our soldiers? watch


    The naivety of some of the do-gooder "why can't we all just get along" people on here is just amazing.

    1) We don't want people bowing at our feet and blowing smoke up our arses, we just want basic respect that you'd give anyone else. i.e not coming up to you in the street when you're in uniform and spitting on you or giving random abuse; and even not being turned away from pubs or similar just because you're in uniform.

    2) There has always been war. I know it makes you upset but it's true. As an advanced nation we have a professional and modern armed services who's job it is to protect national interests both foreign and domestic. Otherwise we'd just sit on our elbows and wait til someone invaded. I'm sure the Polish Cavalry (who had the same "why do we need new weapons?" ideology that some cretins here have) did very well against the German Panzer divisions back in 1939... oh dear.

    3) Killing is natural, get used to it. My bacon and sausages that I had for breakfast didn't get artificially created.

    4) For all you brainwashed morons who think that the British Army runs around killing Afghan civilians for shiggles: develop an opinion of your own and don't base your entire knowledge about the Afghan campaign on what you read in the tabloids. We are fighting an enemy that USES civilians as weapons, asymmetric warfare where we are playing by strict rules and they have none. How would you like the feeling that every woman or child passing you in the street could have TNT strapped to their chest?

    Any grown-up and sensible, logical points from the floor?

    Would just like to say that; yes they did sign up of their own accord, knowing there would be hardships - but on the application form I bet it didn't say anything like "there's a good chance you'll get blown up by a roadside bomb because the politicians don't want to spend to much money on helicopters and IED resistant vehicles"

    Would also like to say that I have the utmost respect for our armed forces - they have a difficult job to do and they are woefully underpaid to do it.
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