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    Okay well basically my periods have been irregular for a while now, but now there is HUGE gaps in between them,which is worrying,

    So i went to the doctors about it, because when they came i got horrible cramps and i would double over in pain

    so when i went to the doctor she gave me some tablets for the pain [didnt work] and to try to make them regular [again didnt work]
    she told me to keep an eye on my period for another 2 months then come back if its the same
    went back 2 months later
    ,different doctor, was on the verge of putting me on the pill [which is what i want if it will sort out my problem]
    but then she thought because i was young,that i should wait,ANOTHER 2 months?!

    so she prescribed me more of the pills that the first doctor gave me
    so again
    ,i went back to the doctors, again,different doctor, she didnt know what she was talking about at all,and she told me to come back again,and theyll organize a trip to the gynacologist,
    which i definatley wont go to,because im far too young,and my mum wouldnt be happy with it!

    so basically,everytime i go to the doctors,they tell me the same thing and im getting really annoyed? so should i just ask for the pill?

    OP, please agree to be referred to a gynaecologist - they're specialists who will hopefully be able to help you more effectively then a GP. Also, I urge you not to let them just stick you on the Pill for something like this, as it's adressing the symptoms without discovering and treating the underlying cause of the problem, which could be something like endometriosis. Speaking as someone who's just come off the Pill at 24 after being totally unecessarily put on it at 16, it seems that it can actually make things worse rather than better. It messes up the natural hormone balance in your body, and I've found that my periods are much worse now than they were before I went on the Pill. You need proper medical investigations done by specialists, so don't allow the GPs to fob you off anymore, and go to a gynaecologist.

    Why wouldn't your mum be happy with it?! You have a womb and a vagina, do you not? That's what qualifies you to go the the gynaecologist, not age.

    You need to get this sorted; as Michelle says, it could be because of something underlying. PCOS came to mind. If I were you, I'd take your mum with you to the doctors because she'll have more clout than you and may make them more liekly to take you seriously. I went to to dcotors for about 4 years with irregular periods and it took them that long to consider that I had PCOS, so don't let them fob you off.
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    luckily i dont have PCOS (:
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