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I Was Right! Something Was Going On! watch


    (Original post by cascadingstylez)
    Around a month ago I posted a post about my girlfriend going clubbing with lads. I then posted a second part shortly after where I found out she was planning to meet her ex.

    Today she met him, and she's gone. She said she was going to see a mate. She left at 10am. It was 8pm, I called her to see where she was. She said she was out with a mate. I phoned this mate, and she wasn't there. I called her and said "Your with him aint you". She put the phone down and turned it off. I found out just she is with that person.

    I was right all along. People were saying I was paranoid and I started to think that maybe I was, so any 'paranoid' signs I got, I put to the back of my head.

    She used to be on heroin. I didn't know this, and you cant tell from looking at her. Her ex is still addicted to it. She is with him. So I believe that's what she is doing.

    This is the 2nd time in less than a year a girl has gone behind my back.

    Whats worse is that everyone tells me I'm being paranoid. Even in my past relationship, and when it happens, I think to myself "It wasn't just in my head". This hurts even more.

    I was only with her 6 months. We lived together for 3. But it still kinda hurts. I look forward to being able to focus on uni 100% and I am now going to stay single until I finish uni.

    I can't believe a girl would throw away the prospects of a decent future. I broke my back for her, tried to get her into college and sort her life out. I did everything I could for her.

    Slightly upset, but I'll get over it.
    You sound like a very caring and dedicated guy.
    Stick away from girls who you know might not be loyal or just drag you down.

    I think you should dump this girl (not that she seems to be serious about the relationship anyways) and finish everything to get your mind cleared before you find out someone new.

    Good luck in your love life!

    Dump her and have a fun 3 years at uni then find someone who's actually worth your time and effort
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