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Guys: Do you find vaginas attractive? watch

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    Yes they're beautiful, I can't stop looking when I've got one in front of me
    No they're ugly, I won't go near one
    They're pretty unattractive, I just get the business over and done with asap

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Some of these comments are making me feel so ****ty. I definitely have what is being described as an 'ugly vagina'; 'flappy', 'like a bomb went of in an abattoir', 'dark' etc, and I can't imagine boy not being a put off by it. This thread is confirming that. :cry:
    Even the people are saying that they like the look of them are then saying: "but granted some of them are really freaking gross".

    Keep anon for obvious reasons lol.
    I'm exactly the same. I have large folds of skin that hang down, and having never been intimate with a guy before, this thread is making me very nervous...
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    When the 'lips' (not sure on technical term) are big and kinda 'flappy'
    It looked like a bomb went off in an abattoir.
    I'm talking full on beef curtains
    The 'Homer lips' are the best ones
    Well according to this thread my vagina is really freaking gross. Ugly. Not all neat and tucked in. Flappy. Having skin where there shouldn't be skin. Full on beef curtains.
    I've never let a guy go down on me for this reason alone. In case on of my beef curtains offends him, or it looks like a bomb site. Just saving money for surgery to have my "beef curtains" removed when I'm 21.

    Look and taste great.

    They kind of remind me of a ham sandwich that's falling apart.

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