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Paying bills in rented house watch

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    Ok, so I'm moving out of uni accommodation and into a rented house come august/september with my housemates and I have been thinking about how bills etc are going to be paid.

    I like the idea of a joint account and Direct debit/money transfer as it just seems fair and less hassle...also, one of my housemates is a tad bad at remembering to pay back money, so with DD its automatically sorted.

    But I'm new to all this bills and money management and was wondering- if you pay your bills online, how do you work out how much each person owes/has to pay? Is it possible to view the bills online a few days before payment is due? Or do most companies send a paper bill?

    If we use DD then we will have to work out the average amount for each bills then pay in a little extra to cover any additional costs- I guess left over money can be used for cleaning products etc.

    Money transfer is another option but I wouldn't want to go around reminding people again and again that it needs sorting....

    any help appreciated [sorry if its a little long/confusing!]

    well i know when my cousin lived in a house with 3 others they split the bills into 4 and the bills came in one persons name.. and they gave the money to tht person for example the ntl came in a housemtes name so everyone would give their 1/4 each in cash to her and shed pay it.. x

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    Direct debit etc
    You can view your bills online for gas and electricity though I believe they are often an estimate and not quite the actual bill that will come in. You can,however, phone just before your bill comes and they can tell you exactly how much it will cost. Alternatively, you could just wait till it comes in and then pay it later.


    What we do in my flat is as follows.

    We have 4 and we could not be bothered with any hassle and decided to make everything as automated as possible.

    To this end, we created a joint account between two of the people living in my flat. (I know this could be an issue for many but I trust my friends as if they where my brothers so I don't mind it at all) Everyone then created a standing order of an amount we decided which would cover any and all bills(£25 a month with the option to increase) to this joint account on a set day every month. This then gets direct debited out when a bill comes through.

    The bill gets payed and the remainder stays in the account for a rainy day (or a massive leccy bill).

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