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ok i've just finished 1st year university. me and my old flatmates (not strictly all flatmates, people from other flats too but we all hang out together, about 12 of us) all planned to meet and various messages went round facebook trying to meet at the end of this month. of course this didnt happen because ppl had working commitments, holidays etc. but one of my friends, who id like to think as one of my better friends in the group said she'd come up and visit me this weekend. now she has been notoriously bad at getting back to me on texts etc, blaming it on being busy doing work experience and her job. which is fine but iv been doing the same and can still find time to get back to ppl in the evenings. i spoke to her on the phone the other night about her coming over today, she seemed really positive about it and said she'd get back to me when she found out her shifts. well basically i havent heard back, i texted her yday to ask, no text back, and today is when shes meant to be coming round. im really annoyed because i was looking forward to her coming round. dont know what to do! do i send her anotherrrr text today? i dont want to feel like im chasing her. but similarly im upset she doesnt really seem bothered and cant even text me back or let me know whats happening. what should i do?!

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