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    My boyfriend and i have been together about two years now, he likes to have a drink, as do i.. except he never knows when to stop!
    He is known for being this major drinker, who is always wasted and doing stupid things... people find it hilarious apart from me stood on the sidelines feeling humiliated by my other half.
    Anyway, recently i just gave up being bothered, every time i questioned his drinking when he was either drunk or sober it ended in tears and an even worse argument, i achieved nothing!! so i gave up, now i just leave and ignore it, instead of causing more trouble. i know this is wrong and we should spend time talking about the issue but he just cant!
    Now last night we went out for a quiet meal, and as usual he ended up getting absolutely sozzled... i went to bed and left him too it but this morning couldnt keep my anger to myself, why does he always get so drunk? why cant he just enjoy a drinks with his girlfriend? but as usual my boyfriend was all defensive.. i dont know how to justify my reasons for being angry? because every time i try he says to me 'all i did was get drunk! i was just having a laugh'

    basically i just wanted to ask you guys what can i do? how can i justify my reasons for being angry at his behaviour?

    Thank you, and sorry for the essay!!

    If he's not gonna respect you the way forward is to dump him and find someone better or send him to AA.

    EDIT: Or if you can't just dump him give him an ultimatum so either cut down and respect you or you'll boot him out the door.

    get hideously drunk yourself (before he has the chance to) and then throw up all over him and dance with all his friends and stuff then say "all i did was get drunk and have a laugh"

    I'd just dump him if I were you. That'll do one of two things - get you away from him, and leave him to carry on his own way without bothering you because he doesn't care, or make him realise what his drinking has done and hopefully change his ways for the future (without you in it).
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