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    I've been on the pill for most of the last two years - I take microgynon 30. Generally, I'm pretty regular with the pill (very similar time, every day) - I've had a few occasions where I've missed one or two, though I've never had any problems as a result of this (and used a condom just in case)...

    Anyway, I noticed today that I'm bleeding - I'm part way through a pack, however I've managed to miss two this week (:rolleyes:); one Tuesday and one yesterday. I took the pill this morning, and when I went to the loo I noticed that I was bleeding.

    It's nothing too heavy - it's very like when I'm just about to start a period/come off of one... I'm just very concerned, because I've NEVER had any break through bleeding before, even if I've missed a couple of pills close together. The bleeding is heavy enough to notice, but it's not like a proper period.

    Can anyone give any advice - anyone had any experience of this before? I won't be able to see a doctor until Thursday at the earliest (because of the stupid booking system they have), and I'm worried it's going to get heavier; it's certainly heavier now than it was this morning...


    Each pill reacts different to different people. But from my experience (4 pills over 6 years), this is completely normal. I've missed pills before and had breakthrough bleeding. Or if i've run a few packs together and not missed pills, i sometimes get breakthrough. I don't think it is anything to worry about.

    This is very normal, even if you've never had it before. Especially as you missed two, it could just be a blip. If it continues for the next month or so, pop to your GP, but it's insanely normal.

    Spotting is such a common side effect of the pill I really wouldn't worry. Generally it's caused by running two or more packs together without a break, or by not being consistent enough with the time of day that you take the pill / missing pills. Unless it continues for a long time, say a couple of months, or it's really bothering you, there's no need to visit the doctor.
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