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    Iv'e been asked to play half-back for a division up team (American Football) from the team I currently play with. Pre season starts end of September. My current team only trains on Sunday (ill be training with them out of season up to end of September) currently use WS4SB part III.
    I want to incorparate a few agilty and speed days into my week for a better chance at making the offence starting 11 and use WS4SB part II.
    Am pulling my hair out trying to work out the best set up so thought I could get a few opinions.

    So far it's a choice between

    Mon - Off
    Tue Am - Agility and Direction change
    Tue PM - Max Upper
    Wed - Max lower
    Thur - Off (stretching)
    Fri AM - speed training
    Fri PM - Upper rep's
    Sat - Off (stretching)
    Sun - Training


    Mon - Max upper
    Tue - Speed Training
    Wed - Max Lower
    Thurs - off (stretching)
    Fri AM - Agility and Direction change
    Fri PM - Upper Rep's
    Sat - off (stretching)
    Sun - Train

    Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
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    TSR Support Team
    The best thing to do would be to ask Joe Defranco himself. He has a Q&A section in his website I am sure.

    Either way, there is no rule that says that the Westside cycle must be done in a week. Many, many people get excellent results extending the cycle to 9 days by taking the last workout of the week and doing it on Monday, then starting the cycle again on Wednesday and finishes the next Wednesday, and starts again on Friday, etc.

    If you go to Elitefts Jim Wendler has written a few Westside templates that are three days per week and they look extremely well.

    I am assuming speed training is the DE lower?

    And it's not generally a good idea to have two ME sessions back to back.
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    Yer, he does but I didnt see any answers, only questions, so not sure if you get a response. You could possibly get a private email?
    And yer, I'm not really thinking the back 2 back ME days are the way to go, but, in part II Joe suggests Upper ME followed by "Lower Lift" which could be ME or DE using suggested mini cycles.

    The Agilty/direction day would more resemble a DE lower, Broad jumps, Hurdle hops etc being used. Speed training day being more sprinting/accelaration technique.

    Never been on Elitefts, so will have a look.

    Cheers dude.
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