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if anyone can help? im doing my extended essay on vedic mathematics, ive got some topics (for example - history of vedic mathematics or the comparison b/w square roots in vedic maths. and the normal long division and estimation)
but any other topics would be fine too, and suggestions on these current ones would also help alot

somebody plz help!
i want to start writing but i dont want to write about a bad topic and stop halfway to start another one, though i do tend to do that a lot

thanks in advance!
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first of all, what year of ib are you in? lets assume that it is your first year; then don't worry, you have plenty of time to write that ee.
i am in my second year and i spent last summer and first semester of my first ib year searching for a topic and found a nice good one. i changed my topic for 5 or 6 times, so do not worry. i have been writing my ee for 5 months. as i am starting my 2nd year in a month, i am planning to finish writing my ee.

if you are starting your 2nd year, i should better help you on your subject rather than giving you some advice. if i were you, i would choose a narrower subj than vedic maths. i mean it is well studied and there are lots of websites or books about it; so choose a small portion of it and work on it or change your subj to something else. you can study differential equations or eceonomical mathematics.

the comparison b/w square roots in vedic maths. and the normal long division and estimation looks good but make sure you are creative about your work and not just copy-pasting what you find in websites or whatsoever. its unfortunate that i do not know much about vedic maths, just some general facts.

good luck

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