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I don't want to keep chasing her watch

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    Please keep anon as it involves some personal things on the part of the friend.

    I have a 'friend' who I used to do a lot of stuff with during the holidays; about two months or so ago, so got a boyfriend, and although I was like "Oh, it's OK, I know you'll probably neglect me for him a bit" she was very adamant that she wouldn't. I'm also a girl, and have known her since high school.

    However, within the last month, I felt that everytime I did something with her she was always rushing to get back to him. For example, although she is usually late, on one occasion I had to wait an extra hour because she was with him and he began 'talking about his feelings' to her which apparently he "never does". Ironically, whenever we went out she was always very conscious of the time as she was normally doing something with him afterwards.

    Like I said, I don't mind that she has a boyfriend, but I hate feeling like she doesn't really enjoy being with me seeing as she's always rushing to finish whatever we're doing. Anyway, about 3 weeks ago we were meant to do some DIY stuff at her house for which I had bought some stuff for, but said to her "Oh, you know I'll need this back because my mum wants me to use it around my house".

    To cut a long story short, we were unable to do anything that day because of some other stuff going on, and I ended up leaving it there. I then tried to ring, text and Facebook her several times asking for it back, and also if she wanted to do anything else during the following week, and had no response (she claimed that she had no money on her phone and her internet was down) until about 5 days later, where she said she couldn't because she was going somewhere with her boyfriend but that she would "speak to me soon".

    This was about a fortnight ago, and she still hasn't returned any of my stuff or tried to contact me, even to say "Come round and I'll leave it somewhere for you to take". I don't really want to try and get in touch with her any further, because I don't like feeling like I'm chasing after someone who really couldn't give two hoots. In this time, I've also seen her post on her boyfriend's wall and do other stuff online, yet she hasn't tried to say anything to me.

    I don't know what to do as we had a large falling out a year or so ago which lead to us not talking for about a year (not related to any of this) - I'm also concerned for her as she is very lax about contraception with this guy, and has had to take the morning-after pill already; she said she wanted to go on the Pill but can't be arsed to book an appointment with the GP or see anyone.

    She always comes to me to ask about sexual issues and problems and I know she sees me as a good friend, but I'm not going to hang around just to be used as some sort of person who has to patch up their relationship. Sorry if this is long :o:
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