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    Hiya people!

    Can't wait to get down there and taste Uni life after 10 years of working!

    Has anyone got any details or is anyone in the know about Freshers week 2009? Whats going on? What happens? When does it start?

    I'm all new to the whole "higher education" thing, i was amazed when i recieved my unconditional offer for the "Motorcycle Engineering Degree" (4 year programme) that i wanted to do... Everything happened so fast and before i know it i'm handing in my notice and becoming something i promised myself i never would (The Dreaded Student lol) and in a very comforting way i'm not sorry at all, i'm dead excited about it!

    So... Accomodation! I get my car back in about 2 weeks so i have to get my right foot hard on the throttle (without loosing my license again) and find somewhere to live... I've had a few offers of houseshares etc but i want to find somewhere decent, not a "make do" house...

    So, if you have a room or rooms free in your houseshare:

    Is anyone looking for a very friendly, happy, tidy, VGSOH, 6ft 5", tattooed, 25 year old in their house? :yikes:

    I'm looking to spend no more than £65 pw INCLUDING bills, i know there are plenty of places around too as i've been looking...

    Ideally, i'd like to be in a house with people who enjoy enjoying themselves, while study is important, so is keeping high spirits! Doesn't matter what sex you are, a bit of both would be good though!

    Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you good people soon!!!

    Hows it going Shifty!

    I'm 23 and starting my second year and just to let you know you will love it!! Especially if you like cheap booze and welsh women.

    Unfortunately we have a full house for next year but when your looking for places to live look at Norfolk Street, Rhonnda St, Cromwell St, Hanover St, or anywhere around the Uplands as they are where most of the hard partying students like myself are living. If you see Watkins Street don't bother as its the wrong side of Mount Pleasant and its ****, and Townhill as for you it will be a mission to walk from Town or your Campus.

    Last year for us it was freshers fortnight. It starts the week before your course begins, go to Townhill Campus Bar or the SU on Mount Pleasant to buy any tickets for any events going on. I garuntee there will be a few fancy dress parties with at least one in Oceana. Im gonna find out whats happening with freshers cos im bored as hell at home so I'm going back early to get back in the swing of things and find a job.

    Honestly I can say this is the best decision youv'e made! Swansea is an awesome city to live as a student.

    Any more info just ask.
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    Cheers for the info Dude/Dudette (Delete as appropriate!) lol...

    Yeah i know i can't wait, i'm getting my car this weekend hopefully anyway, i gotta find somewhere to live and i'm looking all around uplands due to being a bit of a party hard person myself! Don't EVER let me sell my car for beer ok! LMAO..

    I've been offered a few houses in that area anyway and i know there are quiet a few around there so i'll be concentrating my search over the streets you've mentioned!

    I know Uplands has a bad rep with car criminals too but if i catch anyone ******* about with my stuff they're likely to get stoned to death using only the most expensive granite LOL!!!

    I gotta try and drive down oneday next week anyway, even if it's just for a day (about 2-2.5 hours away from here -Shropshire) so i can do that easily in a day.. .thats doing the speed limit anyway and lets face it, i didn't get my nickname "Shifty" by driving like a pipe smoking, flat cap wearing, whippet walking, tuna farming, badger molesting, pidgeon fancier!!!! Hahahaha....

    Thanks again for the reply anyway, i wasn't expecting anything back on that at all to be honest so cheers!

    Yeah, Freshers sounds like a c*ck rockin good time, i don't care where the women are from so long as i get on with them, there's nowt wrong with the Welsh accent though ehh! Good ole Taffs

    So yeah, i'll find somewhere to live very soon hopefully because i want to be moving down about the start of Sept, my course starts on 22nd!

    What are you studying at Uni anyway?

    I think my main concern is finance but i'll get by, i've always managed before, just find a part time job and stuff... If i'm careful i'll be fine, i know that much... Cheap booze is always good and i can spare a £10er for the savings i'll get off having an NUS card...

    Speak soon!

    Hey sorry mate the names Dan from near Brum and doing QS HND but doing my third year degree in Construction Management.

    Right just been looking at dates and see that the week you start will be the first week of freshers (haha just read that back to myself and realised that bit is quite obvious!), so looking at that freshers week should start on Sunday Sept 20th at the Townhill Campus Bar for its opening. I will be there and I recommend you be there just to get the first feel of Uni life and to find out all you can about freshers week/fortnight. If I see you in there, which I can't imagine is very hard looking for a tattooed 6'5 man in a small building, I will buy you a beer(in exchange for your car!) and introduce myself.

    Everyone is broke at uni so you find out were all out Wednesday night for a liver wrecking night for as little at £10-15, marvelous!

    Heard the same about Uplands with car problems, but never heard of anyone themselves suffering from it so would worry too much you got much worse areas in Swansea than the Uplands.
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    Hiya Dan, I'm Mike, you already know my nickname!

    I'm only about 40 mins away from Brum (10 miles south of Shrewsbury)...

    Ok, thats cool about freshers, i'm going to try and sort something out for that then! I'd like to come down next week but if i can't for whatever reason view all the properties lined up in one day i'm going to be a bit screwed because i ain't forking out for a hotel for the night...
    I've got car issues at the moment in that due to a friends incompetance i need the speedo re-calibrating, an entire new central locking module and ccm wiring loom because one of the doors sometimes doesn't lock, even manually, i have to tape the button down from inside the door!, the rear drivers side window clip putting back on properly so as it goes down and a new door seal because he broke it trying to get it off yesterday (f*ck knows why he needed to take it off, it was only leaking because it wasn't on properly anyway and just needed pressing back in!) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. ...

    So he's tryed to help with good intentions by sorting what were little niggles out himself and it's now going to cost me about £300-£800 to have it all put right (which i don't have), i could do 90% of it myself but have neither the time or the tools at the moment so i'm PROPER p*ssed off... I'm also very nearly skint aswell after forking out for insurance on an ECU uprated (200+bhp) turbo charged family saloon Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Better getting this aggression out now before i get down there... I don't want people meeting me while i'm angry because it's not nice and i'm not normally feeling this crap and
    vunerable to things... I like happy days!

    I have to get all this sorted anyway because i am NOT leaving my motor on the streets of Swansea with dodgy central locking :yikes: :nah:

    Anyway, enough about my sodding car!

    I can't wait for freshers man, it's gonna be sorted! I'll make sure of that, i need some good things to happen lol! Cheap booze is always a welcome thing and i'm sure i'll have a couple of quid spare (i hope like hell i do) to get you a beer too! Don't like leaving debts unpaid lol... Anyone for shots?

    Really lookin forward to meeting loads of new people and getting into the swing of things down there!

    You down there at the moment or not yet? If so might see you when i come down to see rooms etc if ur about!

    Anyway, i'm going to go and cry in a corner now like a poor student with an Ill car :banghead:

    Haha sounds like a torrid time mate. Don't need to tell me how **** it is to have no money, skint is my middle name pretty much always!

    Im not over next week but in about 11-12 days to sort out the money thing by getting a job for next year. Otherwise I would have had no problem showing you around and give you the low down.

    Been working in bars for the past 5 years and decided I hate everything about it, worked last night and my boss got pissed and started smoking in the bar, told him to get outside and he then called me and everyone else in the bar a ****!! He can be a good laugh when hes not angry but still put me off for good so gonna try and get some labouring. If your gonna get a job might be a good idea to sort that out soon as jobs go thick and fast once September arrives. Around an area called the Kingsway there are stacks of agencies that will get you all types of work.

    Anyway get prepared for some ******* awesome times.

    Right off to work, lets hope I don't get my head smashed in tonight.
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    Aye thats cool! Hope you've had a goodun at work fella!

    I'm up ubber early tomorrow to get a long day in anyway and my car arrives sunday so can't wait... Sorted out muchas problemage with everything that i forementioned was wrong so it's all getting sorted for not much moulaa at all which i'm chuffed about...

    Yeah i'm going to drive down to Swansea next week and view a few places, have a look around etc... do a bit of pre-season totty spotting maybe LOL...
    It'll give me chance to have a look around for work too... if i can find out my timetable at Uni then i can work in with that... Labouring or semi skilled masonry would be right up my street too as my old mans a builder and i've been in business with him for nearly 10 years now and know the crack!

    I've never really done bar work before to be hoenst because it'd do my ******* head in lol! But if worst comes to worst, i'll just take what i can get... Hopefully there'll be other things around though without resorting to burger flipping with the window lickers at McDonalds!

    I know there are a few houseshares around the norfolk st/rhonnda st area still available too so i'm going to find out about those and see about viewing...

    Right, i'm going to go out for a vitamin stick before i hit the sack! Yep, i smoke, one of my many sins but when you meet me i'll explain more about why i'm glad it's just booze and cigs nowadays (only really drink at weekends when working!)......

    I see what you mean about your boss... Around here though everyone smokes in the pubs, our country pubs will never change! It's a bit different when the police arn't on side though and he could loose his license!

    Anyway, i'm gonna head! I'll see you soon Dan, I SERIOUSLY can't wait to get into things down there, it's not going to be easy from the work, study, finance point of view i know, but it's going to be an awesome time with loads of new friends and cheap booze etc LOL... I hope anyway lol... :woo:

    Speak soon man.

    If you want to add me on facetoss or anything then mine is http://www.facebook.com/SH1FTY

    Take it easy! :yeah:

    Hey Mike! Hows it going?

    Im guessing you've now got to Swansea and preparing yourself for freshers. To be honest mate I'm not on Facebook, went off it a few months back to help me concentrate on the studies and never bothered to get back on it.

    Anyway, I will be at the Townhill bar tomorrow, may be the only one as I've been stuck in bed for the past 3 days with a dose of the wreched man flu so haven't found out what people are up to tomorrow evening. But rest assured I will be there. If you aren't going and have seen this message just let me know, if not don't worry I should have replied a lot sooner!

    I'm sure I will catch you, but if not look out for another tall guy, around 6'4 with a (used to be) blue hoody and fairly stocky. Will make it for around 8.30 so hopefully will catch you there!


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