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Tooth moving dramatically after braces taken off watch


    Wear them all the time until you can get to the dentist, the more they move the worse it will be.

    (Original post by Laurie57)
    Just thought I'd give an update on this in case someone has a similar problem to me and searches for it on Google or something. I do that quite a lot for things like this so I should know.

    So last time I posted here I was told by my orthodontist to wear my retainer for 6 weeks (the Summer 2009 holiday) and return after that period. Unfortunately, even when doing this, it made no difference and within hours, the tooth (which is a lower central incisor) always moved back out of place. The NHS orthodontist then told me that the tooth will move back into place over time with the night retainer.

    It didn't.

    Fast forward about 6 months to my next appointment, and I was told that I'd need an interior brace to deal with the issue (as I believe was described by someone earlier in this topic). After 10 days of continuously wearing my night retainer all day everyday with exception to eating, I had the brace installed today and my teeth look great. And to make things even better, they smoothed out the tooth to be the same height as the incisor next to it, too, as that was another issue. The installation of the brace caused no pain whatsoever and took about 30 minutes. They put in a wire which extends to 6 of my teeth and stuck it on with glue, and it is impossible to see unless you're looking directly down at the open mouth.

    Now, there is a catch. Even though I'm a student, and this is an NHS orthodontist, the interior brace (and the smoothing of the tooth) costed £250.

    So in conclusion, although I wasted a year trying out different things with my night retainer to deal with the issue, it seems that it's turned out alright with this interior brace which will stay in my mouth until it gets broken, albeit a loss of a fair bit of money. I'll try remember to do an update if any problems worthy of sharing arise in the future.
    I was offered that interior brace but opted for the retainer, unaware of the trouble it would cause. I had exactly the same problem as you and many others with teeth moving. By the time I gave up with the retainer my teeth had moved too much. That's cool the interior brace worked for you and I'd also advise others to get the same if given the choice.
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