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I'd really appreciate it if you could please answer the following questios about Bristol Uni, and your experience of the Maths course in particular (where applicable) would be appreciated:

*What's the city like to live in:
*costs of living
*what accomodation is like
*what the people are like
*If you're doing Maths, what's the Maths course like:
*How are the lecturers?
*Do you think the style of teaching is good?
*Do you have many supervisions/small group work sessions, and if so, what are they like? What do you do in them?
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City - Most people love it. Students make up a lot of the population around uni so many shops, bars etc geared towards students.
Costs - High in general. You can get by on a low budget but most people don't.
Accomodation - Halls are pretty good compared to most unis I've seen although most are expensive. You pay for what you get. Private rented accomodation is again generally expensive but often good quality with large rooms. Ofc you can pay less if you don't mind living further from uni / in a less desirable area.
People - Well I like them enough, haha.
Maths course - I'd say it's pretty similar to most top uni's, unless you're looking at cambridge.
Lecturers - Most of them are pretty good.
Teaching - If you work mainly by yourself you'll be ok. If you depend on lots of example and tutorials you might struggle.
Tutorials - Nope, only about 2 hrs/week in the first year where you go over hw questions in a group of 6-8 or so with a phd student. Seems a bit pointless though as you might as well get used to not having them in time for the second year (when the work is harder anyway).

Conclusion - Didn't personally find much to chose between different uni's based on the maths course, but the city of Bristol definitely appealed to me.

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