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    (Original post by Stalin)
    The problem with Turkey is that there is no freedom of speech or expression, and they abuse human rights, which is what sets them apart from other European countries, regardless of their religion or skin colour, which is completely beside the point, in order to become a part of our union, you must allow freedom of speech/expression and you cannot, under any circumstances, abuse human rights.

    Once they sort those issues out then by all means let them into Europe, they're already a part of NATO and have helped us out enormously.
    Until recently, a large proportion of EU member states were responsible for systematic civil and human rights abuses. This seemed to be an irrevercible condition, yet by the mid-90s many of these abuses had been curtailed. Sure. But that does not mean that they have 'gone away' with the disintegration of the Soviet state and its satellites; Hungary still has a restricted press, while the unequal treatment of ethnic communities -the systematically unequal treatment- in Romania, equally Hungary, again, continue. The EU would fail if it set out to accept 'pristine' states; its goal is to move toward integration and the conditions of being a modern European state; they do not have to be preformed. However, I broadly agree with your second statement; yes, Turkey have been internationall influencial, and are moving toward the redress of their disagreements with Kurdistan and Armenia. I just want to point out that many European states do not have an entirely clean slate.

    (Original post by qwerty10)
    What do you think the chances are that Turkey will eventually join the EU? And do you think it would be a good or bad thing if it were to happen?
    Very low chance of it happening soon. Maybe in the distant future.
    Hell, UK even wouldn't give us Hong Kongers full UK citizenship so we could live in Britain after '97- and that was after we lived 150 years under UK rule!

    Why would they want to give 70+ million Turkish people the possibility of living in UK/Europe when they wouldn't even want to give 5 million people from Hong Kong that chance?

    In my opinion, Russia has a better chance of joining the EU than Turkey.


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