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    Well after 17 years of not really caring about my weight at all, i have decided that i need to nuckle down.

    Just went for my gym induction last friday and im going in today for my first session.

    Im 6ft, and weigh 101kg. And my goal is basically to be fitter and look better, not a fat podgy mess.

    I've been told by alot of my mates that Cardio is the only way really to lose fat which is my main goal.

    So ive been playing a few games of tennis

    Just wondering on some adive on how often i should go to the gym and how often to play tennis etc to get best results.

    Summer holidays now so im free all the time pretty much.

    My plan was Monday Wednesday and Friday do an hour in the gym to start out, and the other days play a couple of hours of tennis.

    How does that sound to start? And should i be concentrating on cardio mostly for fat loss? I want to build a bit of muscle aswell

    As for as food, i use to eat 3 LARGE meals a day and have ALOT of snacks. Im really tryin now to first of all cut out snacks , then slowly healthy up the meals abit ( dont wanna overdo eveyrying straight away )


    Cardio is good for losing weight, but you can also burn calories by lifting weights. Exercises with your own body weight will help you build muscle and burn fat. Have a look at some of my workouts on www.youtube.com/incitefitness for examples of calisthenics.

    How much weight are you looking to lose? If you're only trying to lose a bit and would prefer to tone up, I think the tennis should be enough cardio and I'd spend the time in the gym doing weights.

    Going to the gym 3 times a week, as well as playing tennis, sounds like a decent amount of time to spend exercising.

    Snacking is good if you eat the right things. Try to snack on nuts and seeds. Also, instead of eating 3 large meals, try to 4 or 5 small meals.

    Let me know if you need any help mate.

    Sounds like a plan. Although I would say:

    "a few games of tennis" isnt that great cardio-wise.
    Consider taking up running or squash as a compliment/alternative possibly?

    Lose the snacks. Keep the breakfast big on gym days

    If you want to lose weight, cardio isn't the only way to go, lifting weights will help also. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy and stick to it though.

    On the food side of things you just need to cut down a little on size of portions. Get rid of fizzy drinks, sugary snacks etc. You're right not to try eating incredibly healthy right off the bat. I found eating eating brown instead of white rice, pasta, bread was a simple change. Overall though, cut the size of portions and you'll lose weight.

    Resistance training, weights, will help you more in long run as opposed to cardio. But Cardio will help, just try not to go over 40mins a session.

    Also fin out how many calories you should be consuming and take 500-1000 off that.

    Also, if your doing it then do it properly from the start. Talk about not wanting to bombard yourself is a recipe for failure.

    I hate cardio. The only way I really do cardio is through sports (rugby/squash/football/golf(lol)). I'm starting the early morning runs tomorrow, but good nutrition is the key to weight loss. It's that simple. If you eat really well and do those tennis games and go to the gym you'll lose weight. You just need to re-assess what your eating, keeping a journal is a great way.

    I lost a good few stone just playing football once a week but going the gym lots and just doing weights. I noticed I could'nt go the gym lots doing cardio as it just bored the hell out of me. But doing weights and seeing your improvement it almost doesn't feel like a choir.

    (Original post by Mattw89)
    But doing weights and seeing your improvement it almost doesn't feel like a choir.
    I should hope so.


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