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    Very interested in particular in graduates from 2-3 years ago. Just wondering where your degree has taken you and if you have got into employment which without your degree you wouldn't have been able to.
    I have either been in full-time employment or full-time education since I graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of York in 2006. I haven't felt at all hindered by the choice of my degree (quite the opposite, to be honest), but then again, I've been quite active in making choices that lead my life in the way I want it to go in, and I think this has helped, along with opportunities presenting themselves at the right time. I think problems arise when graduates expect decent salaries to just land in their laps, without doing anything to differentiate themselves from the vast sea of other people who are equally or better qualified than them. The problem becomes exacerbated when people see university as a route to getting a good job/more money (an attitude that utterly depresses me); quite frankly, I think if that's why someone is going, they're really missing the point. But that's a whole different topic, and I probably shouldn't get into it here!

    I had no idea what I wanted to do straight after I graduated, but didn't want to be unemployed, so I took a job at the University of Cambridge (just admin, but reasonable salary). Whilst doing this job, I did a year's part-time counselling skills class in the evening, in order to give me additional experience and a flavour of the sort of career I was interested in.

    After a year, I moved on from that job with a better idea of where I wanted to go career-wise, moved cities, and took a job at a secondary school; my post involved looking after the welfare/pastoral support side of things for Year 10 students, basically assisting them with any problems (emotional, bullying, family problems, etc) that they were having in or out of school. My work also involved working with learning mentors, educational psychologists, the local police and the families of students. I'm pretty sure that my undergraduate degree and the p/t counselling skills course assisted me in getting the job.

    I stayed at that job for a year, and then left to do a Masters degree, which I'm coming towards the end of now. In October I'm starting a PhD in Psychology (departmentally funded).

    NiceWeatherForAirstrikes - remember that most people doing PhDs are fully funded, either by their institution or by a research council (ESRC for Psych). My stipend is for £13,000 p.a. (tax free), plus tuition fees paid for me; that more than covers rent and living expenses. So if you are interested in graduate research study after your Psychology degree, a PhD is always an option!

    I'm about to start a psychology degree (hopefully!), and I've had a look at possible careers that I could go into. I have a long list haha

    I'd love to become an actual psychologist, as in Educational or Clinical. However, due to the recent 'you have to do a 3 year course' etc. to do this, I don't think I'll be able to any more, since funds probably won't allow :|

    However, I know that with a psychology degree, it opens up many more fascinating careers (personally anyway!). I've looked now at Occupational Therapy as my top career, which I can access by doing my psychology degree and then a 2 year accelerated course - easier on the funds and an excellent job that I imagine I will really love! However, I've also considered Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology, Play Therapy and Child Psychotherapy. I'd do them all if I could!

    One of my friend's sisters has recently completed a psychology degree and has become a Low Intensity Therapy, which I believe she really enjoys!

    So basically, I think there are endless opportunities with psychology. It's a fascinating subject and personally, it will get me into a career that will be rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable! I cannot wait!
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