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What people think of GCSE grades etc watch


    People make fun of me for my GCSE results, but I gave up caring what they think a long time ago. Try and do the same, it makes you a lot happier.

    (Original post by gozatron)
    Depends on the person really, if the person is very arrogant and boastful about their results (must be said with intention not accidental) then this is trhe case were i would not like such people.

    However, in your case i see nothing wrong, you humble about your results and i respect you for that. The exam/revision thign is stupid, some people don't need to do a lot of revision because their work was put in during class time months beforehand whereas some need thast little reminder. Judging someone on that would be like saying somebody is crazy because they use a blue instead of black pen.

    you must have done pretty well in your gcse's though? applying to do med at birmingham when they wont even consider you with less than 8 a*?

    Wow, some really intelligent people here

    Dude dont worry, you did extremely well of which you should be proud of, some people just have the knack for exams others don't. I do hardly any revision but still do very well, half of it is knowing the stuff, half of it is knowing how exams work and how to answer the questions.

    This is something that you should be proud of. Well done

    I think it's a good thing as it shows you're a serious, hard-working (or not in your case :P), knowledgeable person. Be proud of your results, but don't put others down if they didn't get as good results as you did. If people hate you for your grades, then they just hate themselves for not trying harder.

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