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What the hardest essay question you've had to tackle for your course? watch

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    Please state the Essay question and your degree.
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    I once had to write an essay with no title or reading list. I only had 36 hours to read for and write it. I was not amused :no:

    hardest ones are when we have to pick the title.

    all the rest are basically a critical overview of the key themes/theroies of the module

    Question: Is contemporary feminism right to criticise classical sociology for failing to address the nature of gender inequalities?

    Course: BA (Hons) Criminology.

    I found it hard because I have limited knowledge of classical sociology. I somehow ended up, towards the end of the essay, comparing Islamic texts with the Qu'ran and showed how Marx and Engels never considered religion with gender inequality. I actually don't know how well I did on this one but I've come out of essays thinking I haven't done as well as I liekd and ended up exceeding expectations, and vice-versa.

    I've written approximately forty essays now and they've all been exactly the same difficulty level. The only difficulty is getting all the reading and writing done in two or three days.

    In fairness I recall this one being slightly tricky at the time, but that was again more about processing the reading rather than answering the question:

    Does Habermas’s theory of practical discourse provide a convincing way of dealing with the normative problems of critical theory?

    BA Social and Political Sciences.

    (Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd)
    I once had to write an essay with no title or reading list. I only had 36 hours to read for and write it. I was not amused :no:
    Gah! :ahhhhh: Nightmare!

    'Translation is the death of poetry', discuss. It's not really so difficult a question, but I found it difficult to write 3,000 words about it, since I've never had to translate a poem or text myself so it was sort of new ground.

    The hardest question I've read is a third year essay q on Lady Chatterley's Lover - it went something like "Constance and Mellors' relationship is unrealistic. What, for example, would they talk about?" I don't know how I would answer that question in any legitimate way.


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