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    (Original post by pink_lucie)
    Im in the same boat

    exercise my love, ive got my charlie brooks( think thats her name) DVD and im going to try and do it every morning!!!
    As if you need to worry, you're fine! :p:

    You're a hottie, although sometimes I feel the same too - it's probably just hormones.

    What I do, is I try to drink lots of water throughout the day, up to 8 glasses and I stress less because my skin is clear and I don't feel as hungry. That's my tip

    put down the fork...

    done that?

    now dont' pick it up again until you're a size 12

    :woo: :eek3: :yep:

    Ive lost 6kilos in a month, i lost 5% bodyfat and didnt los any muscle, heres some quick tips.

    Dont miss meals
    Keep your diet balanced
    Dont eat ANY junk food
    Give yourself 1 day of the week where your allowed any treat, this way your body doesnt crave and you binge on choclate or something.
    Try to eat 5 small portions of meals a day
    Dont eat at late times (before going bed) only drink water or have an apple (my cut of time is 6, i go sleep at 12ish)
    Make sure you get 8 hours sleep.
    Excercise, Excercise and more excercise.

    Below are links on starting ur excercise
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWjTnBmCHTY

    If you want more detail just pm me

    You can do what I'm doing atm. Get up, eat a banana run three miles. Chill for a bit. Then later push ups, and sit ups gallore. And you gotta do it till you physically can't. Notice I said physically not mentally. Afternoon, do a HIIT session, really high intensity for those parts.

    As for meals. Six small meals a day. No carbs on the last meal before you sleep.

    The gym is a good option!! I don't believe that you don't have 30 pounds each month!!
    If you increase your muscle your metabolism increase and you will lose kilos!!!!

    (Original post by hallix)
    Unless you are using the angles to you're advantage in your profile picture, you are clearly not fat.
    ooooold picture..i think i was 17/18 there...im 20 now

    Right firstly, just because bullies have told you it, doesn't make it true. And being overweight doesn't make people ugly either.

    However, the best way is to try to lose weight is get intro a routine. It's easy to say to yourself "I wanna lose weight so I'll do some exercise", but unless you can actually get yourself to commit to doing the exercise regularly, and not just every now and again you won't get anywhere (I know cos I'm in that situation now lol).

    Have you got a friend or someone who will go for a run / whatever exercise you want to do with you? I find it a lot easy to motivate myself when one of my friends say they'll come along lol.
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