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Serious implications in stomach/intestinal pain? watch

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    Recently (over the past few weeks or so), I've been having weird bouts of trouble with regard to my stomach and intestine area. I can list the symptoms, hopefully it'll be easier to understand in that form:
    *Irregular and occasionally blood-tainted stools
    *Feeling full after only a small portion of food has been eaten
    *Strange gurgling noises from my abdomen (read, not stomach)
    *Excessive burping (I mean 20-30 times a day)
    *Nausea (I've been sick twice)
    *Acid reflux/heartburn

    It seems pretty serious when I read it like that, but I've not really had any more than 2 symptoms at the same time. I know it's a little vague to give a diagnosis without actually witnessing it (not that you'd want to!) but I am really getting quite worried about it. I'd be grateful for any replies as to what you think it could be.

    It could be a cause to visit your GP. I'd go with that.

    If the blood is dark, GP, NOW. If it's bright red, then it's a lot less serious, mostly.

    Could be IBS, anything really. Definitely get it checked out but don't worry about it, stress/anxiety will just make it worse.

    I would go to your GP. I had those symptoms and it turned out to be Crohn's disease. Guessing by the title I am presuming you are getting pain too? Definitely get it checked out and if your GP doesn't come up with an answer after any stool tests etc and it carries on see a consultant or something. Mine got really bad and I was in excruciating pain every day and my GP put it down to some rubbish about a left over stomach bug or something. So if your GP is rubbish like mine and provides no answer see a specialist! It is not a nice thing to have untreated trust me (I've seen the pictures of my insides to know this :P).

    Hope I haven't scared you!
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