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    To cut a long story short, my mum has been suffering with MS for 20 years. For the first 13 years the MS wasn't too aggressive, but for the past 7 years things have just been spiralling out of control. She is now completely immobile. This immobility, coupled with the fact that she can only have a healthy meal (i.e. something better than a ready meal or snacky) when someone else cooks her it - about 5 meals a week, has meant she has but on a massive amount of weight. She is only 5'2, and used to be relatively skinny, so the weight - which is pretty much around her middle - is really making things much more difficult for her, in regards to what she can do for herself, and also the help others can give her. If she falls on the floor it takes more than one fully grown man to get her in her chair. I also believe that alcohol is obviously doing her no favours - she goes to the local pub nearly every night - it is one of her only forms of normal socialisation she gets and obviously we can't take that away from her - but obviously alcohol has quite a few calories in.
    Despite her weight being such an obvious problem - both for her health and mobility - no-one in the health profession has offered any help. Me and my grandad are constantly asking the nurses who come to see her is there any help they can offer in regards to her weight, or anyone else they could refer her to. But all they say is - oh it is nothing to do with her MS. End of story. I just feel that if she went to the doctors at the weight she is (minus MS) they would be offering her help and guidance, but people seem to be ignoring it. It is very upsetting obviously, and yes she's got enough to worry about without worrying about her weight - but its not like she's just got a bit tubby and its purely aesthetic - it is seriously affecting her and making her MS (or the effects of it) much worse.
    So i was just wondering if anyone knows of any organisations that might give us some help, or any advice as to how someone who is completely immobile is able to lose weight. She is putting weight on every month. I am so so worried.

    I think a trip to the GP may be the best as they may be able to help with an eating pattern and maybe have some infotmation on classes that will allow low impact exercise for someone like your mum which is obviously the type of exercise she needs.

    Does you mum understand she needs to lose some weight (obviously not a great subject to approach with someone) As her full cooperation is going to be needed for her to keep the weight off.
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