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Cardio and Fat burning watch


    Banana is good, quite nutrient rich and won't cause stomach upset from acidity like other fruits.

    (Original post by chipper1990)
    firstly thanks for all the quality advice you have given so far, really helpful. i was wondering if a cut is just the same fat loss process or if 'cut' refers to a special fast process after a dirty bulk.
    a cut is just a word for weight loss, cutting down on weight. but most usually used in reference to after a dirty bulk. can be used for any kind of weight loss in theory though.

    (Original post by Zedd)
    Sorry but I don't agree with this, my reasoning isn't that without food you'll burn more fat but that more nutrients will be used to replenish muscle rather than adipose tissues if you eat post 'morning' run. If we're talking about doing weights then this changes but for a morning run it's my experience and belief that eating before doesn't assist the process opposed to eating post-run.

    I agree that more nutrients will be absorbed in a post workout snack. it always is because of insulin releases mostly.

    But the point i'm making is the muscle burn (or protein, however you want to phrase it) is highest in the morning, and will be aggravated by exercise. when you could easily have a morning snack, which should for the most part halt the muscle burn, give glycogen stores, and therefore redirect energy useage. go for the run/exercise, burning off fat, and then get home, and have the post workout meal. thats how i normally do things.

    In that manner you stop the muscle burn, and also take advantage of post workout absorption rates.

    obviously doing neither pre or post workout snack is counterproductive.


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