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    I just spent a couple of days in a hotel with a guy who was originally a "friend" and now I think we're something more, but I don't know. The below is a bit of context, it may not make complete sense because I'm leaving out certain details to prevent it being too obvious (though if he reads this it'll definitely raise suspicion)

    Basically it all started when he started making jokey comments about my appearance, and to make me feel better when I got in a joke mood with him over the comments, he'd put his arm round me. Then he started asking for hugs and stuff and he'd just sit with his arm round my waist, then it progressed and we just started hugging for ages and then we sort of had our own little thing where we indirectly confessed our feelings for eachother by using compliments, and then we started holding hands. We ended up staying up all night hugging and talking so we were a bit tired, but in the morning we went a walk, he held my hand, wrapped his arm around my waist and later on we kissed. Then we started kissing a lot and we were like a proper couple really. We were walking round holding hands, he'd lean in to kiss me now and again and put his arm around me and when we had to go he held me for a minute and kissed me twice and we just went.

    The thing is, we're not very open as people and we never got round to discussing the business of whether we're in a real relationship or just seeing eachother. I really like him and I didn't think he liked me much but apparently he did. We asked eachother when we started liking eachother as more than friends but I don't know whether we can now be classed as boyfriend and girlfriend, or whether I was just something that happened. What worried me more was that I won't see him for about 2 weeks. I kind of want to know whether we'll be relationshippy then or whether we'll be back to when we were friends again. I want to be his girlfriend but he had a bad break up with his ex and don't know whether that's what is putting him off actually making it official. Should I ask him where we stand before I see him again, or wait to see what happens when we meet again in 2 weeks?

    whew, i thought 'confused about what we are' meant confused with your sexuality, i thought the first 2 paragraphs were going on about 2 guys, you could have saved me the cringing by making it more obvious :mad: !
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