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    I personally would recommend self catered. Regardless of the cooking issue, because you'll have to learn sooner or later and because in my opinion its more sociable to cook as a flat with with your flat mates, teach each other new things, shop together etc than to just go to dinner with people.

    In addition, if you are catered you will have to move out entirely over christmas and easter holidays. All your stuff packed up, room gutted left as you found it, only to have to move in again at the beginning of each term. Doing it ONCE a year in self catered is pain in the bum enough, never mind 3 times.

    Regarding food, peoples opinion varies. Ive tasted it, and to me its like canteen food. Many people have agreed. Some think its alright, but that it becomes repetitive quickly. Alot of people dont end up going to breakfast either, so thats a wasted meal everyday.
    In addition, you still have to provide your own snacks and lunch everyday, and drinks so youre paying twice really.

    Cant help with the email issue though im afraid.

    (Original post by i-Citizen)
    Basically, Ive already applied for accommodation online, but I want to change my email address, but it says to do that I would have to re-register with a new email address. So what exactly happens to my old application?

    Also I applied for self-catered but Im changing my mind, basically because I cant cook and the majority of the rooms in halls are catered. So it seems more sociable. My theory is this, that the catered rooms are only available for 30 weeks compared to the 39 weeks for self-catered. If most of the halls is catered, then most people will go home during easter and christmas break...no? Whereas if I chose self-catered, I will be stuck with only self catered people and most of the students will have gone home for the holiday breaks. So is this wise? Choosing catered over self-catered for that reason only and I cant cook of course. What do you recommend? Catered or self-catered?

    Also whats the food like on an average day? What kind of meals can I expect?

    Sorry for the long essay and so many questions, my batterys running out so had to rush
    Any chance you could open your new email, and then get all messages from your old one forwarded on - I only ever check one email account and messages to 3 email address go to it (efficincy at it's best.... or was I just bored one day...?)
    I wouldn't chose catered on those reasons (tbh I llived catered for a year, and I def wouldn't do it again) - self catered people are put together, but in big blocks of people.
    The food for catered is a lot like school dinners, but even more stodgy. Expect standard canteen food. The only meal I still loved at the end was Sunday brunch - mmmm full english breakfast...

    For me personally, being catered in your first year is just part of the university experience. The meals aren't great which I'll openly admitted, but as long as you're not stupidly fussy you'll be able to find something you'll enjoy eating. Besides, once you get to second year you can then start cooking for yourself.

    I don't know about other halls but for dinners with Beaumont it worked like this.. there were three 'main' bits of your meal, one of which being vegetarian then you got the choice of 2 vegs and then 2 other stuff (Think chips, wedges, potatos, rice etc), one desert and then you got the salad bar which varied a lot. Instead of that you could also have the cold platter which was like a premade salad, vegetarian, chicken etc. Oh and it runs from 5-7 even though they claim it only opens at half 5.

    Breakfast is seperated into 3 sorta sittings. 7-8, is cold breakfast, cereals, toast, orange juice. 8-9 is cooked, bacon, eggs, sausages, hashbrown maybe and then 9-10 is cold again. There's also hot drinks machines running all the time so you can get tea, coffee, hot chocolates etc. I'll be honest, I didn't attend that many breakfasts, it was generally only when I had 9 or 10 oclock lectures because you can just have breakfast and then go straight to the bus stop. I'd recommend you also buy some cereal and milk so you can still have breakfast when you're too hungover to get out of bed till 12.

    I wouldn't consider self-catered any more social or less. You might argue that you'll spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking together but with catered you'll spend a lot of time queuing (Yep, get used to some bloody big queues!) and eating together as well which altogether can take about half an hour on average. Sure it also means you're restricting to eating when the meal times are but everyone still goes to asda and buys food anyway, just don't overly trust that people will respect your property in fridges in the bigger blocks.

    Yeah there are facilities for cooking in all halls but they differ between the halls ... i was in John Foster catered in my first year and i had a fridge-freezer, oven, microwave, sink, kettle and table and chairs. Was the same as my self-catered kitchen in the same hall in my second year.
    I know not all halls have such good facilities for self-catered students cos my friend was in stamford catered and she didn't have a proper oven just a hob and a microwave and she had a fridge but no freezer and no seating area.
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Updated: August 14, 2009


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