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POLL: Attitudes to Drinking Alone watch

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    Hey all,

    Anon because because xD

    Anyway, I'm one of those people who's quite happy to either drink with friends in a pub, go clubbing - and drink at home alone. I'm not an alcoholic, I drink 4 - 6 times a month, though granted when I do drink I do drink quite a lot. I'm aware this "binge drinking" is "unhealthy", but to be honest, I'm 18 - and I'm just living it up while I still can, once I get some real responsibilties, there will be no continuation as I don't have an addictive personality and I certainly won't drink such large quantities. I can choose not to drink at any given moment, and have done in the past so this is of little concern.

    I don't drink alone because I'm some kind of lonely "social failure" or whatever as some may assume, I have plenty of good, close friends. When i drink alone, I do enjoy it - just as much as when I go out with friends, though often more so. It's just nice to have some space to yourself, to reflect and to see your own typically mundane life with a bit more curiosity. Also, if you listen to your favorite music with headphones in a calm environment drunk, you genuinely do appreciate it more - much more so than in a sweaty and loud club (not like they often play good music anyway).

    I also have a little clique of online only friends who I play multiplayer video games on Steam like CS and L4D etc, and I chat to them - so that's not entirely drinking alone. Some of them are drinking too ^^.

    Now my sessions of drinking alone are not regular, I don't have the time nor would I do so often if I did, once a month usually, no more than twice. I don't see this as a problem but society teaches me that it is wrong. I don't care, I will carry on anyway - but I'm just wondering what the concensus on this fourm is (see poll).

    Feel free to comment and post your experiences.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm just wondering what the concensus on this fourm is (see poll).
    You can't post polls as anon

    I don't see anything inherently wrong in drinking alone, indeed I do it myslef when I'm havig a nightcap.

    If you get drunk alone. I would say that is a little strange, and seems like the top of a slippery slope. I see no problem drinking alone, I love the taste of beer, I love the taste of rum. I enjoy having a drink, until maybe I get a bit of a buzz but certainly not to the point of drunkeness or even being tipsy.
    Its no different to perhaps having a cigarette by yourself imo. As long as you actually enjoy the taste - otherwise I suppose you need to question why you are drinking.
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